facebook zuckerberg couple of affection and revealed that tens of billions of dollars will be how to spend

15 december, according to cnbc reported, social-networking giant facebook founder and billionaire mark zuckerberg(mark zuckerberg) and his wife chan cheng(priscilla chan) commitment, in the course of his life through charity chan zuckerberg initiative to donate 99% of facebook shares they hold.of course, running the charity means they often need to work together.

zuckerberg couple also had a lot of helpful rules, such as don't talk about work before you go to sleep.although they sometimes disagree, but all of them are optimists, they think it makes them keep in step.zuckerberg couple wrote:"let us be close partners, is the cause of a lot of people are pessimistic disappointment, we are optimistic about the future.we believe that even the most intractable problems will have the answer, we are one of the most proud of things is that we set up a team, they also believe in the idea."

zuckerberg and captopril sheila met at harvard university, just as mr zuckerberg in graduation speech recalled:"i met chan is the best memory at harvard.i have just established this prank website facemash, advertising committee wants to see me.everyone thought i was fired, my friends gave me a farewell.fortunately, chan and her friends also appears at the party.we wait in line with the toilet, i think it must be one of the most romantic in line.i said:'i might be fired in 3 days, so we have to go to the appointment."

zuckerberg finally is not out of the campus, two people are beginning to date.they married in 2012, now has two daughters, respectively, was born in 2015, max and august of this year's august was born.zuckerberg is currently in a state of hugh paternity leave.

second, chan zuckerberg initiative will focus on investment driven by technology, charity.zuckerberg couple wrote:"the magic of technology is that it can help society faster change."because zuckerberg a world-class engineering organization in facebook has experience, he wrote:"we are in a unique position, can be a great engineering team to establish a charity, to help our partner to change society faster."

in particular, chan zuckerberg initiative will focus on three aspects:improving education, advance science, and fight for justice and opportunity.in addition to being a chan zuckerberg initiative co-founder, zuckerberg couple also signed the pledge to the giving pledge), which is run by billionaire bill gates(bill gates and warren buffett co-sponsored commitment, incentive billionaires to donate their wealth to charity.

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