photo chip science and technology of china during the period of quick charge non continuous punch

for oppo 5 x double perturbation technique, the meizu super mcharge quick charge top science and technology in the screen technology, remit the fingerprint identification technology, we know,"make"and"product"are two different things.for millet pinecone surging s1 chip, we also know, top and chips and gap.

but i still want to clap, and even, standing ovation.

don't say the united states, even in china, and there is no brand, has been considered to be"cool".

but is very intense in recent period of time, china's science and technology companies are showing their efforts in the past period of time.

"on february 27, 2017, beijing time oppo released latent type double perturbation technique."to some extent, solve the sharp digital zoom is unavailable, through the refraction principle of the optical lens into 3 times to the phone, and through two lenses and algorithm, let the photos without any loss under 5 x zoom.

"on february 28, 2017, beijing time, millet released pinecone surging s1 processor."can be mass production of high-end processors, the millet has also become the world's fourth design research and development at the same time chip and mobile phone companies.

"on february 28, 2017, beijing time, meizu released super mcharge quick charge technology."55 w power do cell phones don't hot, 20 minutes of 3000 mah battery.

"beijing time on march 1, 2017, collects the top science and technology issued a screen in the fingerprint recognition technology."to complete the fingerprint identification function are integrated into the amoled display, the designated area can directly touch screen can be achieve fingerprint identification.

"picture"is the"dessert"consumers, outstanding ability of mobile phones, consumers tend to choose photos last year, the domestic ability better phones have been a good sales, the industry leader in apple and samsung in the past two years also focus on"photo".

"chip"is the"commanding heights"of mobile phone industry, consumers tend to through the processor to preset the price of mobile phones, to research and development design can make oneself in the research and development of mobile phone chip initiative, can also be independent with android market price system, form a pricing system.

"battery"is"pain points"of consumers, the older consumers still relishing the function of the machine's life is how of save trouble, deficiency of young consumers often run into trouble, in addition to the batteries do big,"quick charge"also can alleviate the distress of consumers.

"full screen"mobile phone is people"imagination", for the future shock caused by millet mix, lg g6 and exposure of the s8,""of the kaoping river accounted again go back to the people, and remit the top science and technology of screen in the fingerprint recognition technology can just be a satisfy the condition that people desire.

people think chinese brand"cool"is there for a reason, people in the competition for the first smartphone war, domestic brands emerged a large number of excellent and cheap smart phones, if you want to do it at a low price you will give up on the work, design and core technology.

and when the market is saturated, people are willing to spend money to buy their second, third, cell phone, you must have a"killer app"to make people to buy your products.

both domestic encourage innovation environment, or too subjective not good grasp of the industrial design aesthetics, as well as domestic manufacturers own technology accumulation, which makes the domestic manufacturers to technology level, in the aspect of software and hardware are also appeared in the international scope is a"light"products.

so at the same time, international manufacturer did not slow down your pace:lg g6 after the innovation of the viewing angle of 125 degree, sony 4 k of monster screen and rear lens group, look from the exposure information and will take away the samsung s8, 10th anniversary in the face of a bottleneck and the iphone.these remind us gap still exists, and it's not like in a short period of time to catch up.

mwc2017 this period of time, the performance of the domestic manufacturers is amazing, we can feel happy, but only happy for a moment.

but it will be a problem, because of the pursuit of manufacturers don't need no brain, objective of applause instead of better.

a standing ovation.

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