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microsoft's notoriously, microsoft is notoriously slow, for windows products, history is so successful, so although, in the era of steve ballmer of microsoft has seen the windows to the nucleation of a trend, but also have to carry out slowly, because it is very complicated.consider the stability of the wintel alliance among this and super sophisticated technology, the core of microsoft windows system to do unified, the first thing is to do the windows code?actually not, they need to improve internal product process and research and development system, and then you can do the integration development.the great ship turned, ship small good turn around.

move first, microsoft did let people don't understand things, on the one hand, windows mobile ecological 10 did not do, nor willing to really into to do hardware manufacturers, on the other hand, microsoft's own fantastic almost stopped microsoft mobile business, billions of dollars to buy nokia mobile phone business is anyway, stop the company product line complete, microsoft seems to haul the mobile first.

internal rumors and broadcast, surface of the product line in the pp(panos pannay) associated with the success of the business is very strong in internal, insist on microsoft's own redesigned surface phone, so microsoft mobile division(the company product line) is shut down, people like the jb elder brother(joe belfiore) vacation, comes from microsoft for mobile division closure decision.

look at microsoft's windows mobile 10 mobile direction, with a sigh.

will there be?

there will be, but the difficulty is very big, even if the surface phone listed on schedule, the high prices and broken ecology, it is difficult to save the, microsoft mobile first, exactly reflected in where?

microsoft could bypass this mobile phone link, directly to do with intelligent assistant, a step toward ai age?

ai time must be the inevitable developing law of human society, we start to chat might as well not so far, about microsoft's first mobile first, see below.

5, ethereal surface phone and than a nuclear

just now, there are mentioned:

i have been waiting for surface phone(3.0) or exact a continuum, not persistent, not need, but, i believe that the vast majority of office pc should continue to exist, and organize a company internal desk should only monitor keyboard, mouse, or the whole company all cloud host office, or mobile device is the host.go to work, a display and a keyboard or a wireless connection, go off work, with you, at any time can also join a peripheral office or entertainment at home.the host cell phone, and this is a big evolution direction.and mobile phone make pc host, windows is now evolving cost minimum.the two are very good direction, at least, can greatly save social resources, who save social resources and promote the social progress, will be a reality.the first generation of computer, xiangshan, the wintel then led us into the era of the second:personal pc era, then, will be mobile pc era and the era of personal assistant.

in the future, with intelligent assistant is everywhere, in your home, in your car(or calls to no one in the car), on you...

surface phone is not a savior, do not represent how will microsoft's windows mobile business, the future of windows mobile business is not the surface phone will out, but in the windows than a nuclear strategy implementation.that is to say, completely wireless connection technology of continuum(throw away the base of the dock) a greater practical significance.

using microsoft windows desktop system influence the productivity of monopoly, to natural the advance of mobile computing devices(mobile phone for host and even watches for host).mobile phones, watches, glasses, helmet, even shoes...than a nuclear body, running is the same windows core, this meaning than just phones that form a larger meaning.who dare to say, the intelligent assistant and read all future communication tools equipment, this form must be a cell phone?

so, microsoft's mobile first, actually more should be:a nuclear first.

three, epilogue

millet, meizu, huawei, lenovo, hammer, oppo, vivo, these are products of a particular era, perhaps, did not exist in the future.what mobile phone, just a time(now called mobile internet) starting point, the decisive battle in the future, everything is interconnected, machinery and equipment by the ai services provided by the software, hardware and the future, no one is buying a car, along with the call of the unmanned(in fact is a robot), in the future, all the technological equipment, are let the human live healthier, more fulfilling, more freedom, more happiness.

windows phone, died.

windows phone, was born.

all things.

windows phone is dead, windows mobile is only 10 residue of relief.

not to see any data report, now windows phone with windows 10 mobile market share must be less than 1%, at least in china, micro letter, pay treasure, jingdong, taobao these just need the functional disability of app is fatal problem.

written by noon the samsung s8 10 mobile version of windows, this be"later, see you a lot of comments about windows mobile, have to stick to it, have evaluation system of what, oneself for a long time also some views, share out today.had originally planned to open next month when the column to write, but just rare today in some time outside of family life, just yards code word.

a, on windows mobile system status

in the first place, i'll make a list about some personal opinion, later i will some things to do with sex extended explanation--

    windows phone was born too late and lags behind mobile era development, after missing out on the internet age, microsoft also lost opportunities in mobile internet

    windows phone is glorious, died of tossing

    windows 10 mobile system itself without a fatal problem, microsoft lost in ecological construction

    windows 10 all the core device, is advanced, and at this point a commanding lead

    evaluation of microsoft's new strategy:cloud first, execution;executed, mobile first, slow

    windows mobile 10 will be raised and growth is difficult, even if the continuum very awesome, ecological construction is still the most need breakthrough

    surface phone is not the savior, windows mobile business in the future is not the surface phone will out, but in the windows of all body a nuclear strategy execution

2, points above

1, windows phone the glorious

any product life cycle, or essence, any life and object lifecycle.

microsoft software business is too strong, dominating the world of the operating system, but let it missed the age of the internet, in the late 90 s, when several years later, on may 28, 2009) products launched bing, google has peak lonely for more than ten 2007 when the iphone and ios 1.0 human mobile era when red curtain, microsoft on october 21, 2010 was introduced based on windows ce(windows nt) windows phone 7.nearly four years, microsoft basic equal to miss another time.compared with android 1.0 in november 2007 release beta sdk, released on september 23, 2008.

windows phone, actually gave birth to glory.iphone dozen faint head turned nokia and microsoft, the king of the pc era system perfect combination of hardware and software, as the wintel alliance, the company+windows phone 7 is born, the day of birth, absolute was born with a silver in the rich second generation. phone died with

but windows phone, died.

any enterprises and organizations, generally there are two dead method:no trouble-making, too.this is my summary, i do product 15 years refining of enterprises.maybe my point of view in the understanding of the higher people's eyes is wrong, but i share the intention is good, for reference only.sth over and over again is tinkering, it is easy to understand, fondling is not cling to conservative, does not keep pace with the times the innovation of products or lines of business.

when they heard a crosstalk(kun and mr li wenhua), argue that life is movement, life is still.when asked a lot of adults, what all say not to come out, each have each reason.older big later, gradually province(xing), life lies in movement and stillness, listened this may be speculative, but truth-relaxation, responsibly and needs.even smaller.the essence of chinese culture, push up, yaoshunyu demise, yao to shun the 4 words, and shun is expanded to four word:"the heart but dangerous, moral-mind only gradually.but only, allow of faint."--16 words, this is from chinese culture, which in turn, are traditional chinese classics such as"the doctrine.

microsoft's windows mobile&windows; phone business, is mobile 6 to wp7, is a huge turn over to, wp7.8, wp8, wp8.1 uap, windows 10 uwp...every time, it is big enough and overturn, let developers the toes, a bear, two times five times, that can't even listen to sigh here, now go to the streets to ask, windows phone is what?one over ten thousand.

product planning, architecture, tossed about on the execution, and once a regional leadership transition to overthrow the previous planning, and incur turn was overturned.

remember sometime, the home of soft coal products division to maintain it seven branch version of windows app, actually for later pay treasure, jingdong developers resolutely left, these are all necessary.there are a lot of people in a certain stage to lambaste pay treasure to"pay biao", believe that pay treasure to development department is also a full belly injustice, it's not pay treasure to fault, microsoft's own, give a good ecosystem to sth over and over again.any ecological system, is necessarily around the leader, each manufacturer or individual developers and consumers, and so on form part of an ecosystem or more rings, linked together and form a complete closed loop, it is a qualified filling.but windows phone chain(or ecological circle) of the problem is that the core of the ecosystem, the big problem-there is no gravity, there is no atmosphere, life is not.

3, microsoft's new strategy:one of two core cloud first

steve ballmer was a great salesman, but the technology company's boss, must understand technology, understand technology, understand the product(another:understand the market to understand the product), or it will die.

the global technology companies are so, google, microsoft apple, huawei, lenovo tencent, baidu, head must know technology understand science and technology or product, because of who you are, but because of science and technology enterprises, li ma., of course, does not understand the product win, will have to do what conforming to the positive value of the development of the society.don't know will lose, understand not necessarily to alibaba and jingdong, this is a commercial enterprise, disagree because as a business on the internet, as science and technology enterprises.but alibaba internal cloud of ali and alipay(ant gold suit) business, separate technology companies is ok, taobao tmall 1688 is traditional open stores to do wholesale market of the business.bill gates,

after ballmer does not understand the product, and then come,(the company will have a new leader understand technology products, a matter of time before)., the microsoft of the times, new slogan is to do two things, two things is also looks very correct, first one is cloud, is a mobile first.

about cloud first, so the indirect way, independent public if ali cloud, you are good with respect to buy stocks, or investing in stocks can firmly hold microsoft stock, this is the general trend, is conform to and comply with the development trend of human society.but added that the investment is value investing, buying stocks, too, don't care about a month or two months, any things, on the long-term price fluctuates around value forever, this is the essence of marketing.

microsoft on the cloud first moves very fast, because there is no heavy baggage, any company after accomplished a great product, will have a big probability because to the success of products and the decline or death, kodak, motorola, nokia, alike.success and failure in it.this is not a curse, and this is very normal thing, when after the success because of a product, you will naturally have a complex and routines of success, it is difficult to in the new era situation resolutely strong man duanwan back even abandoned.few companies can escape the cycle of the looks be like simple, like 360 domestic, achievement in free security, but modern operating systems are certainly don't need antivirus software, download all the app to store authentication of developers, so continue to do the anti-virus software and social evolution trend is not consistent, that let users painful things(virus, privacy, sickness, efficiency, etc.), will be new products to get rid, the future of the 360, the market may be forced to governments and businesses in this group.including soft medium product rubik's cube, in the same way.along with a variety of cleaning up the master and optimization tools, with system evolution and become little value, after all, the operating system will be more and more attention to reduce trouble, improve efficiency, not bring more trouble to the, conform to the trend, the super big industry.

4, besides two core strategic#2:microsoft mobile first

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