pain points of innovation: introduction to mr luo nuts pro interaction design

old always boasts a hammer technology is a design oriented company, myself standing at the crossroads of science and technology and humanities, paranoid for design, the pursuit of perfection for the user experience.on the phone conference, i think no one can from domestic manufacturers in the field of system, so long, even the scene once encountered the embarrassment of no network signal environment, mr.luo even with his usual witty language to resolve, and then constantly try to replace the networking, finally introduced full experience to us.

but experience is really as old as described so well, so, i still have reservations.for science and technology industry, the design need to better the interface on the one hand, on the other hand is to design to solve practical problems.this means that the good design in these two aspects are here i'd like to make a brief talk about the innovation of the old pain points at system level for users, and take a look at mr.luo in interaction design.

a, what problems to solve, meet the demand of what?

step, or pins, split second capsule, the big bang at the end of the day how to solve the mobile phone also achieve efficiency on the computer, how to convert the mobile phone into the problem of productivity the hammer that slogan:a 310% increase mobile phone chips, why do you do with your mobile phone only about 13% efficiency.through the application of interactive want to accomplish many tasks, want to keep the cell phone also has the ability to work efficiently, as in a live demonstration less than 10 minutes to finish a paper"unknown", it wants to achieve purpose is to meet you don't need to open the computer, using only the demand of the purpose of a cell phone to get the job done.

2, what call pain points, these pain points who are the target users?

as the name implies, the pain is user problems in normal life, struggle and complain, if you don't solve this matter, he will be the whole body uncomfortable, he will be very painful.therefore, he needs to find a solution to eager to resolve this problem, solve the tangle, smoothing the complain, to achieve his normal state of life.

it is clear that the old these pain points according to the need to deal with the phone a lot of words, share resources of users, but the user is the mainstream users?i think this is a question worth thinking about.can say the vast majority of the user or the phone as a communication tool and entertainment function, only part of the users, can be as productivity tools.if you want to be seen as a design innovation design pioneer, mainstream users should be your target audience.

three, really achieve the efficiency of the so-called?


old constantly make an issue of increasing competitiveness in the software, although even if is the majority of users with less than a lot of demand, but if meet the other minority the depth of the users have good communication ability, nature also formed the influence, and then influence spread to form a hammer technology unique label, i think it is right to do.

but what about the big bang, step, split second capsule, etc.the old brand of new features, i think it not bring the real efficiency, also can't deny that it is a good attempt, a new attempt, a few try by other handset manufacturers to do.perhaps, etc which day old real to combine the breakthrough of the hardware and the software on the innovation, really change the interaction efficiency problem, i think that time can hammer technology is a good and the feelings of the company.

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