qualcomm is when a lifesaver but meizu remains unclear

is over two-thirds in 2017, the rest of the time is enough for meizu to launch a flagship product.looked from the present situation, the meizu temporarily also can't get qualcomm latest flagship processor, if meizu next flagship still continue with mediatek processor, then the meizu in 2017, that's it...meizu sales tasks this year is mainly completed by spirit's blue.on the millet, competitive brands such as huawei, all to the high-end market, mid-range level less profit, and incarnate the blue does not support the development of meizu is better.

, the presence of the spirit's blue note6 finally can let the meizu temporarily get rid of the embarrassment of mediatek ten thousand.spirit's blue note6 released 24 hours, online booking quantity is more than 6.3 million, one thousand yuan and the most successful machine spirit's blue metal the data but 3 million.but don't be too optimistic, can save the meizu is definitely not qualcomm in 2017.

2016 long years, and the first half of 2017, meizu have now been millet off more than one body position, be badly in need of a qualcomm machine equipped with adequate representative to regain consumer expectations, but only to a kind of spirit's blue machine in the end, the processor or qualcomm products last year.combined with the spirit's blue have independent brand, at present the meizu both inside and outside are in a position which may be embarrassing.in 2017, the meizu may still be suffering...

spirit's flagship blue really into the meizu true two years before the

don't know how many people remember, meizu on the mobile phone using qualcomm processor is what?spirit's blue note telecom version.launch in january 2015, qualcomm xiao dragon 615 processor, and before the spirit's blue note6, this also is the meizu only the mobile phone use qualcomm processor.said, to a certain extent, meizu go today this step, and not by qualcomm processor, a big factor lies in its product strategies, qualcomm will not become the meizu saviour.

do not use qualcomm processor for the simple reason that cost, royalty expensive!previously, the meizu mx series flagship and meizu mx4 pro adopt is samsung processor, samsung processor word of mouth, though less qualcomm, but also bad not how much, even the performance will be better, after all their flagship samsung also uses qualcomm, samsung processor double version.but the meizu mx5, let things have changed dramatically.in order to get rid of the label of low-end processors, mediatek 2014 launched helio processor x10(mt6795), the next thing you know, the meizu flagship series of mx5 2015 adopted the processor.

the flagship of the machine for this by mediatek processor, 1799 yuan on price is generally lower than the qualcomm processor's flagship, the meizu mx5 with this kind of processor performance in performance, power consumption is not much defects.the real to meizu a punch is bad.mediatek main high-end processors helio x10, price 799 yuan of red rice note2 adopted, this suddenly and mediatek's high-end processors into the low end.once let the meizu mx5 very awkward...

bad digging holes is not enough, the meizu also digging holes.in the meizu mx5 released 6 months less than, one thousand yuan meizu machine spirit's blue metal release, this kind of mobile phone may be the meizu 2015 yuan in 2015, one of the most successful machine, but its use helio x10 processor allows the meizu mx5 status very embarrassed, the key also fuselage, fingerprint identification, a$one thousand machine a flagship, spirit's blue's flagship series was born.

fortunately, qualcomm xiao dragon 810 processor 2015 pit many flagship, meizu mx5 not is become a blessing.at the same time issued in september 2015 the meizu pro 5 carrying samsung exynos 7420 performance better than xiao dragon at the same level 810 is too much, also can let the meizu in 2015 had a town of his opponent's flagship.

but unexpectedly, meizu pro 5 almost became the meizu only flagship of two years from 2015 to 2016.

the same highway to happen again in the meizu mx6, mediatek ten core processor helio x20 still can not escape the lower part of the fate, the carrying the helio x20 machine series of one thousand yuan.is not the same, 820, xiao xiao dragon dragon 821 flagship machine camp is too strong, and mediatek processor"a nuclear hard, nine nuclear onlookers"become a fatal wound in the performance.

consumers have lost patience for mediatek processor, and in 2016 the meizu mx6, pro6, pro6s flagship and one thousand yuan machine all adopt the mediatek processor, running strong points, actual performance is much less than the qualcomm to meizu flagship almost completely annihilated, spirit's flagship blue really once again.android phones have hardware has been the fact that does not dispute, constantly stressed enough just as well to learn old talk about feelings, meizu is not ov.meizu pro 6 plus the flagship samsung processor was launched at the end of november 2016, late...

directly from the data, meizu shipments for 20 million units in 2015, growth rate of 350%, and in 2016 the meizu shipments throughout the year 22 million, almost the same, and most of the sales comes from the spirit's blue one thousand yuan machine market.it can be said that the success of the spirit's blue but will the meizu brand stepping down.when compete with millet meizu, now the domestic mobile phone market share has lagged millet a lot...

the meizu finally another qualcomm processor phones

actually think privately, meizu is also a little helpless, have no choice but to mediatek processor.on the one hand, qualcomm in patents too bossy and processor purchase cost is higher, easy to cause many supply shortages;on the other hand, although can get samsung orion processor, but samsung their products by qualcomm processor is more, the orion processor estimated also won't leave much for meizu, meizu also discusses another reason, samsung processor does not support the whole net.

using qualcomm xiao dragons incarnate blue note6 625 processor in 2016 known as the generation of god u, although is a mid-range processor, but is very balanced in power consumption and performance.hammer nuts pro using xiao dragon 626, sharp s2 use starting xiao dragon 630, oppo r11 exclusive xiao dragon 660.obviously, the meizu temporarily also can't get qualcomm latest generation of processors.

in 2017, meizu have adjusted their business, meizu, spirit's blue and flyme respectively established the division.meizu and incarnate blue like huawei and glory independent operation.original spirit's blue brand is similar to the positioning of red rice and mid-range, but in 2015, 2016 spirit's blue and meizu product positioning is very chaotic, meizu phone originally basic are the same in appearance, coupled with the spirit's blue one thousand yuan machine in order to improve competitiveness on the appearance of technology and hardware configuration has fast to catch up with their flagship.spirit's blue no.one thousand yuan machine market, meizu brand but also to squeeze into a very awkward position, meizu overall brand image also damaged greatly.

spirit's blue independent brand, apparently to continue to strengthen the spirit's blue one thousand yuan machine market.in misia terms is"spirit's blue is responsible for the sales, meizu is responsible for the dream".that is to say, the evil spirit still blue series mid-range market, while the meizu series focus on building brand image, the high-end market.meizu pro 7/pro 7 plus and incarnate blue note2 officially born under the concept of the two products.

nothing more, meizu pro 7/pro 7 plus or pen

in my opinion, the meizu pro 7/pro 7 plus is the biggest failure in the first half of this year the meizu products strategically.meizu pro 7 whether appearance design, double perturbation and screen etc, all show the meizu to create high-quality goods, high-end products.but two years haven't been able to make the meizu understand one thing-does not suit the flagship mediatek, let alone a pro 7(standard edition mediatek p25)/pro 7 plus(mediatek x30) lowest 2880 yuan, the highest of more than 4000 yuan.and how much practical value for painting, meizu may be too confident.looking in the first half of the domestic flagship, millet, one plus 5, 6 glory v9, how many people will consider price higher cut the meizu pro 7/pro 7 plus.

contrast meizu generation flagship pro 6 plus and pro 7 plus hardware parameters and functions, pro 7 plus almost fully behind, iteration is only the meizu also do this product.even the spirit's blue note6 adopts xiao dragon 625 also to a certain extent than meizu pro 7 standard version of mediatek p25 is outstanding, and let a person think of"flagship"spirit's blue terrier.

android flagship whatever other aspects than, the configuration is the foundation.there is a word called how to want to do fine, i would like to see the meizu pro 7/pro 7 plus release in the second half of the year, with samsung orion processor or the next version of the 836 qualcomm xiao dragons.without hardware support, meizu pro 7/pro 7 plus more like a"painted"the stunt alone sustain pseudo flagship of the heavier characteristics.

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