some thinking about luo yixiao donations the refresh

last night to this morning, that the articles of the journal luo yixiao, you give me stop the refresh, and the momentum of the possible.

but, followed, no accident is a series of disputes and torn, i don't know how to deal with, sob unceasingly.

today, don't chat products and operations.with it, and i talk about some thought.

1, i am willing to believe that subjective is willing to put the child without a father as a marketing medium without reserve placed in front of the public, this is done a father's talent can understand some.especially, after the father is a scholar.therefore, i personally tend to believe it hot for rohr was an accident.

3, and, if you really need help, also had better for such help set a boundary.only accept certain forms of help, for example, or even to those who want to help some constraints and know, a for help without any constraint and boundary information, especially involving children, good kind, very easy to abuse.

my personal position is:try to make sure that you release for help information is being abused by the others, this is also a kind of responsibility.

4, too many people like to do a consumer, consumer, consumer entertainment, consumption of gossip.but more often, it is precisely these consumers inadvertently driving one thing to an can see, in the whole thing in a group of lack of independent thinking consciousness of the masses is how to enlarge rolle packaging has become a life poor, be badly in need of help poor writers, and the tendency to follow-up with deliberate how to depict him to be a liar.

5, any national level of the public critical incident, often at the end of the day must be a feather, can continue down is, really want to personally to stir up a public event, this person also need extremely a

every a person's movements may have contributed to that of the world, it is also a kind of responsibility.

7, anyway, good luck to children.also hope father and everyone can be based on more children to consider, although there is no doubt about it in a few days will be a big topic, but still i hope everyone can protect the child's consciousness, more give the child a quieter, less distractions cluttered environment.

8, also advise the way, do all kinds of new media operations, this involves the children and the public value judgment, output some independent thinking is ok, but don't do the so-called"gain" could be a bottom line.

in the end, today is the last day of november, start tomorrow, we will be the last month of 2016.i wish you can spend more time to comb and sort out his own this year, rather than always indulge in disputes have nothing to do with you.

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