the beginning of the festival atmosphere becomes weak is we become literally

when i was a child is one of the most"hit".

when our children must buy new clothes early new year, it landed folded on the bed, waiting for the new moon early in the morning to year mall closed quickly, or not ready for a new dress, really urgent fast cry.

year nearly, is most anxious mother home cleaning total also won't have time to get up, sooner or later will or kinds day must also be very serious, the whole family gets all day long, sweeping roof climb the window sill, kids even if can't help anything, will run in to pass dishcloth, excitedly participation to meet the most important holiday in this year.

year pasted with spring festival couplets are now cook paste.the spring festival couplets on the paste viscosity is very substantial, scrape off the previous year couplets on the spring festival is a big project, not half a day time to make uncertain, still have to play the family was too tired to profuse sweating.then cook paste new year, climb on low stick couplets on the spring festival in full.

new year's eve night going to the children are prepared to endure a night, didn't get to bed early early or late together always to despise.

the first at home in the morning eat dumplings drove back home in the country.will go to grandpa home.then a group of men and women a gang, child a bunch, wandering around the village, is relative, as long as the understanding, meet is in the way of the village asked"good chinese new year.

we eat at noon time, we have three scattered houses out drinking plan, just happy new year to the rice, just to stay in the the taste.


with all year round business super, no longer took pains to hoard necessities;

early in the new clothes to wear, no longer"delayed gratification"until the day after;

to stick couplets on the spring festival very few people use paste, casual transparent tape a sticky, fee for ten minutes;

family reunion dinner is more and more big, also more and more couldn't eat the different;

the spring festival evening party or from year to year, but has become us to brush the background of mobile phones;

no child will stay up all night shou sui, people get up early time is more and more late;

i am no longer a need to kowtow age, and bowed down to the old man has been dead...

new year ceremony is more and more streamlined, at the end of the goals for the chinese new year even cut off, wax feel what is missing.

documentary on the tip of the tongue of the new year, have so a words:"the festival atmosphere is more and more weak, because with the improvement of living standards, the eve of the lost its appeal...mother every new year's day to complain:what to eat?what would you like to eat?sons and daughters say casually, you just we have to remain every year."

casual as a result, the festival is no longer like a holiday, no wonder, the festival atmosphere is more and more light.

material abundance, let us feel the new clothes and bring the happiness of family reunion dinner, ceremony to streamline, make the spring festival calendar are fuzzy and dreary one day.

to start ceremony, people like most often quoted in the little prince, that sentence:"ceremony feeling, is to make one day different from other days, make one point is different from other moments."

ceremony, is a ordinary day light magic, is our revenge of actual life.

wedding, for example, many men would not understand a woman for a ceremony to do to people put so much thought and fact, the wedding to parents and relatives, in addition to do also do see for yourself.when we are married to a feather in the left door and go out to buy a knife on the way, may think of the wedding day of oath he hot sincere heart for one move, give up and buy one to turn to buy his favorite food.

eternal song dan-dan famous after the wedding in li xiaolu and smile said:"for a small moves, wedding a few tears into the eye socket, suddenly understand:me, why are there three times marriage?because, i never had a decent wedding."

of course, is not less a marriage ceremony is fragile, and big luxury banquet marriage must be indestructible.but if the conditions permit, don't care about the ostentation and extravagance and spending, we need a public ceremony also tell yourself, from now on, began a new life!

as audrey hepburn classic film"breakfast at tiffany's"inside, holly will be dressed in a black dress, wearing fake jewelry, in the window of tiffany's elegant, will eat breakfast slowly, is the bread and the cup of hot coffee, like the feast.ceremony feeling, is in the clouds of life in a big breakfast.

ceremony is not just a little interest in life, sometimes is also a kind of powerful and positive cues.although i was ill, but i will not be pale and flustered, screw you tumor jun, you can't look at my jokes!can't help but smile, could not help but respect.

the atlanta daily have done such a research investigation, found in the home"gathering stories and memories"(collection of stories and memories of happiness rather than material satisfaction and academic achievement in traditions, in particular, it gave all the family members of recall and bring happiness is endless, do not change because of the change of life.

ceremony feeling don't need red tape, struggle, maybe it's just that little mind, heart, like a bit of sugar in the coffee, more color can give the child a year-

we can give our children about the meaning of the new year's day and customs, read the relevant picture books, do some traditional folk manual, such as paper cutting.

we can let the child picked up a brush to draw a new year pictures, just saw the news, ranyingying microblogging is drying out of the two sons of painting, even contrive everywhere paint what?the children's happiness is priceless.

a photo shoot, don't just put in computers, cell phones, developed on a wall or photo album.

let your child participate in process of certain festivals.since the"off-year", for example, tell them tanggua touch, sweeping day, mi millet, boiled meat, to kill the chickens, put the noodles, steamed buns, and then cut grilles, stick spring festival couplets, set off firecrackers, eat dumplings, vigil, worship...

to take their children to complete these, they will understand, it turns out that this is called"new year's day"!

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