huawei tencent user data that you don't even the privacy

to open a home page, the pop-up ads next to will automatically give you recommend you recently in shopping website search goods;open the take-away software, don't know what to eat and take a look at you just two days before the point of the restaurant will be displayed in the front row;taobao homepage recommend products to you, is you want to buy recently are currently carry.

we are becoming more and more effort in searching for information on the matter, the application can always push you want before you;of course, sometimes don't need, it will push for you.

these depend on one thing:the basis of collecting user data.

tencent dispute with huawei data

on december 16, 2016, huawei honor magic, main intelligent recommendation feature.when users and friends mentioned film, magic will automatically recommend recently hit movie blockbusters, this chat scene wechat, were included.

tencent and huawei, because the problem of user data in recent days had great differences.

there are people familiar with the matter told the wall street journal, tencent think huawei mobile phones to collect user wechat chat records, not only take the tencent's data, also violated wechat user privacy, hope that the ministry can intervene.

but then a statement to the wall street journal, huawei denies violating the user privacy, and think of themselves before handling user data have been authorized users, in addition, the glory of magic has passed the ministry of industry test, did not violate privacy regulations.huawei think:

all user data belong to the user, and does not belong to the magic wechat or glory.

according to huawei insiders told the 21st century business herald"reporter:

the cooperation with other internet companies are all very smooth, only micro letter has been difficult to communicate again.over the past six months, has not been agreed.not long ago, wechat also adjusted to the magic, the interface problems cause wechat use magic users.

then, tencent in his said in a statement, also they will protect the privacy of users and data information:

from the industry point of view, we are working with telecom operators, mobile phone manufacturers, application developers, as well as regulators and other stakeholders, working closely together to build a healthy ecological system, provide convenience for the users and the entire industry.

there is currently no results on both sides of the argument, but to a person familiar with the matter say, miit hope tencent with huawei consultation solve present the ministry also did not make a positive response.

by drag user, smart or privacy?

intelligent voice assistant, smart speakers, intelligent household appliances...with smart brand products like bamboo shoots come out of the hall, and in addition to tesla, ford, jaguar land rover and other traditional car companies have also started to do automatic driving.

to achieve intelligent optimization, must by collecting and accumulated a lot of personal data for processing analysis.even if they don't make smart products, enterprises also need to user data to optimize the deployment of their business.

under this trend, who mastered the more data was the grab the data, the big by pulling, actually or users.

the tencent with huawei, he would use the micro letter to magic users experience a certain impact.rookie and motion for open data interface before battle suspend cooperation, has led to sell the home to deliver goods, the buyer the goods slowly and logistics information update.

remove enterprise struggle, users themselves are enjoying the convenience of intelligent optimized at the same time, it is also possible to put up with advertising.

last year, wal-mart has to submit a new application for a patent for on the internet of things, want to collect user's products use frequency, the use of time, and product information such as location, in the home to predict customer demand and implement customized advertising, etc.

i bought some private things, needs to be supermarkets know oneself in which, what time use, some think is really scary.

privacy and artificial intelligence, to a great extent, has become a paradox.

if we want to achieve in the figure above this without traffic lights, the perfection of vehicle automated driving traffic situation, every car will need to know each other position and speed, it also means that all car owners need to be at the risk of privacy, make its own contribution to the real-time traffic data.

but on the contrary, if you are not willing to let your travel information is collected to use, small enough to get on the taxi, a taxi software, it's very difficult to according to the residents of the district you are living habits to statistics and give a better car pool management solutions, such as the site get in the car.

but whether you like it or not, our privacy is always inevitably leaked, small to yesterday, what to eat, big to home address identity information status of the property.

in enterprises fight for these data, you want privacy or smart?

or said, who would like to give your data to you?

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