how small deserve to act the role of also has a large market following onto the shell life peak

as the phone's screen is more and more big, the mobile phone is becoming more and more fragile, the corresponding also was born to a new business:mobile phone protection shell, used to protect mobile phones, prolonging the service recent years, along with the increase in the number of listed and high-end mobile phone iphone, mobile phone protection shell began to present a diversified style and phone not only protect the function of mobile phone protection shell, it is acting as decorations become a new scene on the phone.

although, following from just phone derivatives, but due to the following from their own manufacturing low threshold, high plasticity, market demand is big, by mobile phone the following market expanding, people tend to set on a smartphone all kinds of following, following from its product becomes a necessity.:

the market rapid growth following the manufacturers lack of management services to private money brings new opportunities

the worldwide smartphone users has grown from 2016 in 2.3 billion to 2017 in 2.6 billion.most chinese smartphone users, using smartphone consumers up to 717 million, 2017, become the world's largest smartphone market by number of users.

in the smartphone is popular, with the mobile phone industry and the birth of the following industry present well, with the emerging mobile workshop, mo shi, such as unlimited following brands.with production and sales of smart phones, hide under the hot streak is each big mobile phone accessories production and sales of businesses, vicious competition between brands.

on the other hand, following the market is almost zero threshold, just make sure what following from the material, and then according to the following shape mould, can get the market, in front of the huge market"money"scene, so many competitors.following from industry, however, lack of standards, lack of supervision, lack of management, many small manufacturers, shanzhai copycat cluster geared to beat the market with low prices, product quality is uneven in the market.

on the other hand, following from serious product homogeneity and filled with black science and technology, at the same time winning market share by a great number of mostly small manufacturers, it is difficult to come out of the industry's giants.therefore in the homogeneity market chaos as serious, lack of regulatory oversight, following brands only make travel product advantages of alienation, to keep one's feet.

now, some design personalized following as the main direction of new industry, mobile phone accessory industry has brought new breakthrough.

there are a lot of online sales of personalized following from online stores, they first design and draw some distinctive style of the following from the template, and then work with manufacturers produce a large quantity of personalized following, finally through the online store to sell to consumers.although the price is higher than ordinary following, but the style is unique, quality assured by consumers.tend to be more personalized mobile services, started to become a mobile phone manufacturer under a profit point.

in fact, under the following character customization as a mobile phone accessories industry a unique niche, it broke out and people are linked to the change of consumption recent years the development of smart phones very quickly, replacement cycle is shorten, coupled with the popularity of high-end mobile phone, so that people's aesthetic requirements to mobile phone appearance is higher.

mr luo once said,"you may not be clear that mobile phone industry, i have 1499, 1799229.1499 nothing profit, 1799 small profit, but not sell back shell and cases.from the point of market prospects, according to data released by the national bureau of statistics can be analyzed, at present china has more than 1.3 billion people, mobile phone users are more than 1.7 billion, has formed a large super market opportunity.:

the function following it is more than protect the cell phone as an independent commodity

back to the 1990 s, following with the popularization of the mobile phone opportunity prevails, then the following is a protect mobile can prevent hard objects in the phone's screen or leave scratches on the fuselage;prevent nail long time contact with key scratched, worn, have the effect of the protective screen and recent years, to the cell phone beauty gradually become a way of young people show individual character, the following is from a single commodity evolved into fashion ornaments.

a, the following style diversification, emerge in endlessly

as the saying goes,"clothes make the man saddle the horse", as the"joy"of modern natural become a target for people beautify.young people like to chase fashion, the pursuit of high quality, don't like the same, so the following work more and more sophisticated, the material is more and more expensive, the design is more and a civilian price following from jumping into the hands of the fashion bloggers and idol star luxury accessories.

following after been included in the adornment of a lot of luxuries brand rolls out following set limit to, the following prices are far more expensive than mobile phones.for example:lv launched with petite malle following for the prototype, suitable for iphone7 and iphone7 plus prices in 38500-42000 yuan, is the most expensive crocodile+gold version, price is about seven times the price of the iphone 7.

is not lv, actually a lot of other luxury brands, are also out some high-end following in recent is understood that in 2013, burberry launched"disorderly spend for charming eye"iphone 5 s following;stella mccartney 2016 launched"four pigeon eggs"bling bling following;in 2016, gucci launched following with butterflies, birds, and all sorts of plant design.hand fashion ornaments following from the humble roadside stall into society of luxuries, there is no doubt following from already get rid of the protection of a single machine function, derived another survival.

a few years ago the high-end smart phone iphone also belongs to the luxury goods, but now the iphone almost become an arcade of the hand, the pursuit of unique young people want to find new ways to reveal oneself pretend bility, find the following is a good young people like to have nothing to change the following from, others the following collection as a addition to the part of the following embodiment become luxuries and popular, most of the following to attract consumers because of its style variety can be customized.

due to the following process simple, and can change at will, so a lot of consumers take following from certain ip bearer.

popular mobile phone brands, for example, recent r11 barcelona's most high-profile limited edition, despite the unlisted phone sales but red and blue color has become a trend.the tide product look on taobao the merchants, have built the r11 limited-edition following from barcelona, and had sell like hot cakes.following from species increased with the increase of mobile phone brands are diversified, according to the brand points have huawei, millet, apple, samsung and so on.

in addition, star ip, ip, ip channel tv like the following as people like to put their favorite things engraved on an item, the be fond of according to oneself personality at the same time, so the following also became younger users show their taste the best carrier.

2, the following function keeps increasing, the new constantly

with the charging function following.for travel or heavy cell phone users friends, away from cell phone battery is especially annoying, but take charging or charging treasure and special trouble, mobile phone users demand, led to the following from charging as thin as following, can be directly set on the phone charging, charging is treasure is following, charging is very following from charging treasure to get rid of the traditional charging line trouble, so very popular with young people.

following with wallet our impression, the role of the purse is with money, bank cards, business cards, photos and documents, and so mobile payment become a mainstream consumer, most people don't want my wallet out the wallet, but the article such as business cards, bank cards and must order to improve the convenience degree of mobile phone users travel, e-commerce accessories company edward field will purse and iphone protection shell together, let people really go out just take phone.

it seems that in order to meet the demand of the user phone cases manufacturers to produce many more fine workmanship, diverse styles, functional diversity of products, mobile phone protection shell is beyond protection role as an independent commodity.:

sales following exported to become very popular in the cross-border electricity

following in recent years because of its characteristics of lightweight, low barriers to entry, become the ideal product of cross-border electricity international parcel, attracted a big bob sellers.following become hot sellers of cross-border electricity, through amazon and other electric business platform continuously to overseas customers.

following from abroad is a huge market.hou jianchen dunhuang net 3 c industry director once said:"the mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, mobile phones accessories are three main classes purpose, including mobile phone accessories proportion is the largest, accounting for 55%;mobile phone accessories accounted for from 8% last year to 16% this year."the american market analysis firm npd use following accounted for 87%.research group gfk said, bought 5 million following the apple mobile phone users.

the manufacturer said:"the following is a let a person very tangled category, particularly in the field of cross-border electricity.lying in this business, be of good sellers make money make, but most of the sellers are to burn money at the same time also to burn the brain to consider how to play good advertising, how to guard rankings."

in fact, there is demand there will be a market, mobile phone manufacturers can according to different national consumer product development, in order to achieve accurate sales results.for example, if more than$10 price phone shell is more popular with the united states, britain, the user, then sold to the united states, britain, australia, canada, russia and other markets;if apple following more popular with canada, japanese consumers, it is mainly exported to canada, japan and so on.good product requires accurate sales approach and good service to match.

and, almost nine over ten of users will put their expensive mobile phones in the following, following the product market capacity is big, the size of the market in the united states alone has$2.3 billion, and the whole of china's cross-border electricity export scale up to tens of long as the overseas sales way and gradually improve the service quality, will promote the following industry sustainable development in overseas markets.

the whole, following as the most popular mobile phone accessories products, the main reason is:in the use of functional aspects, from single function to fit consumer demand of multi-function products;in terms of market prospects, the popularity of smart phones will become pregnant fertile soil for its growth;zero threshold in terms of production and sales, production, low price, wide consumer base, carrying hot ip popular, from simple tools to fashion accessories, sales grow even sells in distant markets overseas.

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