sharing economy is a basket can contain?

in the far east, there is a magical payment code, they come in"shared economy"clouds, save the time of entrepreneurial projects.

in 2016,"shared economy"in the chinese history left a part of a pen.the uber, an inspired by enterprises, entrepreneurs invented the"shared cycling".orange, yellow, blue and red and green...all kinds of bike fell from the sky like a rainbow general, packed with the city.

although to some extent, sharing the bike in the"to solve the user travel the last kilometer", made some effective innovation.but after the savage growth, sharing the trouble the bike is there for all to of the most prominent phenomenon is"one stop a large, a bad a lot of".

the shared cycling continues to find harmony with city rules, but its imitators have already can't wait.

single highest financing 500 million, sharing charging treasure is the best apprentice shared cycling

share charge treasure is the best apprentice shared cycling.

    desktop charging:beijing small electric technology on behalf of the enterprise, there are three socket.

    small cabinets:on behalf of the enterprise is street electric technology, can put 6 to 12 charging treasure.

    big cabinet, on behalf of the enterprise is the electricity science and technology, can be placed 30-40 charging treasure.

shared cycling savage growth makes it conflicts with the city more and more outstanding, recently, shanghai has begun requiring shared bicycle enterprise to suspend new bike on sharing, at the same time around the"shared cycling tomb"is also more and more.

(broken shared cycling mountain, let a person heartache, pictures from beijing)

in the shared cycling under the condition of the negative impact of more and more obvious, there are many media to shared charging treasure the apprentice question sound.

but seems to have nothing can stop sharing charging treasure once more.a pen and a financing.some statistical sharing charging treasure finance highest frequency at the time, also is april and may of this year, less than two months has 11 financing, nearly thirty-five institutions incoming, raised about 1.2 billion yuan.

this is not the most exaggerated, a few days ago, shared charging treasure"was announced to get more than 500 million yuan a round of funding, the only capital, hunting long fan media group and focus media executives banks such as joint investment trusts and government guide funds.

the deal, let share charge treasure area's largest financing amount was made to 500 million(single).no matter you like to come, the shared charging treasure is there, a pen and a sum of money.

tuyere, everything in the world still have what can't be"shared"?

although the words"shared economy"has been more and more full of fantastic colors, but"sharing economy"conquer the footsteps of everything in the world is still not to stop.the recent half a year, all sorts of strange shared economic projects coming up, and constantly refresh people's perception of the field.

(photos from:xmind)

charging manufacturers can offer shared charging treasure, treasure umbrella manufacturers can launch share the umbrella...then, sharing the basketball, sharing, sharing mazar-e-sharif, sharing the gym sharing, sharing refrigerator, air conditioner, share, washing machine, share the shopping cart came, everything all can share the streak.

(this is the shared a washing machine, picture from hunan daily)

however, if everybody to treasure the business model of charging share is also being the least analysis, by sharing mazar-e-sharif, shared the umbrella, sharing the wave of toilet paper, painting style began to run partial...

ha ha ha ha the contractor all my joke, don't sweep code will become a bottom?

the so-called shared camp stool so long...

(photos from weibo users:@you can call me little stool)

as for the game to share the umbrella is a few high-end:

30000 share umbrella deposit 19 yuan,$0.5 for the first half an hour, although in a few days, is all people take home, but this should be a classic marketing case, will load the sales history in china.the key still no sales...

share the wind is still in economic, but it can give us?

the first people to shared economic expectations is:

temporarily without the use of idle resources efficiency.

such as two companies started on behalf of shared economy uber and reality, in these enterprises, a lot of people to share their spare car and house.

shared cycling has changed the rules of the may find that sharing travel uber without building cars, shared the reality nor to enter the real estate of the building, but shared cycling of each bike is owned by the share bicycle surface at the beginning of the world there are many people questioned, they are shared economic or time-sharing lease?

is really sharing economy is no longer gsr ventures xiaohu zhu's view:

we've never thought about what the business model should call, what is called shared economic or leasing business, it's not the core of the problem.i just care about this is not the average user just need pain points, high frequency business model is to can not stand, is to make money, quickly occupy the market.

this makes sense, the capital has always been the pursuit of the rate of return, has no interest in speaking like a book.for ordinary users, we can also do not care about the so-called sharing is really sharing.

but can't ignore the many so-called"shared economy"are operating costs imposed on society, to every society in general.such as strong-arming, hinder the original road arrangement, or other public rocks(wechat id:ifanr) has also took to the streets to feel shared cycling large area occupy the blind.

a user in the evaluation of"sharing economy", a mess reluctantly said:

i don't care about what can"sharing"again, but they play to play, don't hurt bad and users.

as a normal user, maybe we can only to share"xx"this request.after all, in the end, sharing economy is just the billionaire, wall street tycoons and vc game hunting.but full avenue encroachments parked shared the bike seems to show that"that require"is not so easy thing.

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