internet entrepreneurs should wake up

5, the new opportunity

new economic cycle has come, the cycle of"real estate, finance, the internet,"who is it?

in the big opportunities in the next five years, to do selling super players of dopamine, the author has pointed out:in the context of the economic downturn, we ushered in a"lipstick"and"the pacifier"era, consumption and entertainment will increase.

to cannot achieve great breakthrough in the field of technology, or is in line for grassroots players cannot have huge capital resources, it is indeed opportunity:products and business model innovation, harvest time for fun and consumption upgrade(relatively high society is downgrade).

this is easier said than done, we should pay attention to several points:

1, must be healthy and not think that the rise of entertainment is the revelry, dopamine and hormones is soft pornography, violence, the paradise of the game.siege of the king of glory and broadcast control example has showed that the internet is more than a dozen government agencies under the strictest control, more chaoyang masses supervision at any time, you simple and crude is more and more to the future can become bigger and stronger entertainment must be healthy educational, fun, like chess, fitness from the red line, is not easy to be blame.who incessantly an addiction, waste vocation, vulgar, pornographic entertainment mode, will be as easy to fire, and in the past but maybe die die faster.healthy and active entertainment will be through in our whole society life, content, training, every aspect.

but healthy positive talk easy entertainment, is"rich"myth in everywhere today, and how many entrepreneurs and investors to withstand slow accumulation of patience?

2, alert to trend.outbreak of entertainment, consumption upgrade, need to alert is its trend, which tend to"fire a die", but not from the popular to the classics, such a fast-growing swift death is unlikely to back a new era of big you should to do"standardized"products, try to grab the mind to become a head, and even has the potential to be future people entertainment consumer lifestyle quality standard or infrastructure.

3, the more high-end, flow the more dispersed.said a lot of people like the service in the high-end crowd, make consumer upgrades, but we regret that we found in china, the more do"three road"is close to the underlying demand, often the more concentrated the user traffic, booty call, take a taxi, bargains, fool type game...but the farther in the high-end do, the more effect on the advantages of human nature and people's self-development, the traffic is more dispersed.because the more the more similar the underlying demand, the more likely it is to become the greatest common divisor of people, the easier it is platform.but the demand of the more up more spread out, eyes of different people have different feelings, different people's eyes have different pretend bility class, eyes of different people have different taste, health eyes of different people have different charging ways...the more up demand is the small circle, so it's easy to touch the ceiling of the crowd, how to accurately capture the dispersed, target customers do high gross margin, these are very important.

4, middle bad money.many people think that prick silk is free, the middle is the consumer upgrades, consumption upgrade was silly money more rich wayward men.but in practice, the middle of the consumption may be more rational and cautious and more skilled at, on the one hand, they have enough information to do such a"calculation", on the other hand the middle face"couldn't get on, but subject to slide down the bottom up"the plight of many of them are close to the upper delicate appearance, close to prick silk disposable how to conquer their hearts, but not so easy.

5, do i such a situation, really don't think every day a large platform, thinking of the subversion bat, wanting to change the world, the high walls, slow food, king, first learn to easily tencent and ali system, honestly start from the little brother is more important.don't think about it, such as jobs, in those days had to temporarily to mr.gates as"zero"?business is business first, find the cash to survive is ambitious.

6, fast cash, capital depends on light.over the past few years, a lot of the decline of the company, is that entrepreneurs put most of the time in the financing, and investors toasted spin around, but always no time focusing on products, employees and market a line, while the latter is really important.the result also creates a kind of inverse elimination, who would have good background of financing, who could have been run down, even if many products and business models as one tuo excrement, big deal directly copied do good to go.the inverse phase out in the end, to come out of the company are heavily export-dependent capital company, is the capitalists grand background of grassroots entrepreneurs clearly can't do this, so please don't tell"burning money first, again make free big platform scale, flow into the realisation"story, the story is too luxurious do not belong to have to do is to simplify, shorten the profit chain business model, focusing to make money as soon as possible, so that even if have big guy comes into play, as long as the money to earn at least you have to live.don't wonder what"heroic"don't ask, don't come, it is investors set of ideas before you rhetoric, and somebody else's heart are the background of the plain code marks a price it for you.

to protect small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, starting from the protection of innovation, save the startup help innovation!

8, look for trends, not a lot.the himalayan wei teacher sentence is very good, want to find the trend of the future, rather than a lot.long-term trend is inevitable, and the tuyere is can be built up by short-term speculation, capital of the"hot spots".as of today, quite a number of tuyere has proven to be a"bubble"pseudo demand, not the future trend of chasing you not die?what's more, when the field become a tuyere, dozens of companies have often before deep there for half a year, investors to estimate all entered the mainstream again, this time you to react to, still in time?when a thing has become the tuyere, it probably has nothing to do with the core of entrepreneurs is a trend to get ahead of high-value, layout, the time is right the wind will come.just, a lot of people before weaning period is psychological, no funding, did not dare to venture, so be sure to 2 vc, must be a lot.

6, is not necessarily a bad thing,

summary, for most grass-roots players, can be integrated into the big company ecology, has the innovation barriers, around the younger generation(quasi), profitability, the middle class path short, clear cash flow, low capital dependence, healthy positive sustainable entertainment and consumption, or service in large companies under the system of 2 b, there are more and more opportunities, even the platform level big opportunities.

but back in the beginning, this year is"political"entrepreneurs especially need a year, only one of the most important background, 19.after all, has experienced the prospects so murky, almost can't see how much the big opportunity for 16 years, we urgently need to know, the country's next big piece will fall on?

trend of science and technology, politics, the market rule, the social ideological trend, the four forces of systemic results, can let us see the new one cycle under the"era of dividend"why.

the past road were ineffective, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.big for the hero to rise between the populist.

for newcomers, the biggest advantage is probably"no baggage, no inertia, no original sin", since the last cycle can only model are working now, you travel light, a lot of things from scratch, which has led to a valuable opportunity to reshuffle.

don't be afraid of the cold winter, because was born in winter, there is nothing to lose, in addition to the chain of"thinking".

good luck, after five years, we see who is the new economic cycle in the ma, ma, mr wang.

a, panic and loss of time

a few days ago, wen-xing li incident broke out, the boss hired straight criticism as overnight.the media, the media and netizens have lashed, calling for recruitment platform scrutiny.behind it, is to recruit the app to eruptions, savage growth quickly, and greatly reduces the audit and interactive threshold, turn a blind eye to platform into all sorts of false suspicious company, is a kind of regulation.

for recruitment area, this is not a good news, of good news, and recruiting industry more than?

panic and loss, the two emotions interweave each other, that stand in the first half of the entire internet venture capital circle.

panic.few days ago, thunder is all paid community products"little secret circle"was suddenly pulled from the shelves.although the company has repeatedly claimed that it was only"technical upgrade", and in the circle of friends ask for new name"planet"knowledge.but product"involved in pornography and sensitive information"rumors, similar products are jittery, silenced.

this is not a precedent.before this, has been the capital have multiple qualities day"outlet", in the face of regulatory policy front of the national spirit, capital speculation.

drops the fire, but soon the strictest network about car controls to follow, and from the country's antitrust investigations, has continued.

live fire, countries must have audio-visual programs permit, let fall in 200 broadcast companies or is about to fall, and events such as eel door crackdown faster than expected.

the p2p fire, the most tightly each other gold consolidation came also, countless bankruptcy run road, from red ridge threatened to liu jin rumors, now do you still dare enter, get into?

the content areas of fire, but since the media take charge of the"microphones can be put into the black house for 30 days, and poison tongue these popular movie night fell, and at that time everyone's guess, who will be under a closed?

the game fire, fire king glory over the whole of china, and the combination of official media denounced is here...

in such a fearful situation, many people has begun to"lost".

of course, also some people don't take the risk, take money to say again first, to how much is how much.this internet financial dryly.he played over there ico6 fly up, virtual currency rich mythology and let a person look not to understand.

2, the logic of a cycle on

still winter will come, the distress not only in the internet.

it is said that a person is making a lot of money is the ability to question, but a man is making a lot of many many many, is the problem of the times, is stepping on the tuyere, enjoy the great trend of dividend and foam.

review of this economic cycle, such as"dividend"is obvious there are three:the financial, real estate and the internet.

a little farther fine said, is the financial"easing and innovation", is the real estate speculation and speculation,"bubble and wild growth"is the essence, a lot of people eat are"dividend"regulation, is in the case of easing or lag, through the"gaming"of the unprecedented huge dividends.china's market is the world's largest market, a little bit leaking wind, multiplied by 1.3 billion people, achievement is a billionaire.

but today, the national financial work conference held, the overall"specification and purge"financial times;along with the housing rein, rental with rights and a series of policy, countries have given signal:this is real, chinese money uses, cannot completely sucked into the property market to a black hole.

in the internet, the most severe efficient regulation is coming step by step, savage growth may not work the way before.

wild growth is the internet's original sin, what's brutal?

three and cross the original formula

it is said that in china the most money method, in fact they are written in the"criminal law".although this sentence is too exaggerated, but clearly reflected in the internet:entrepreneurs to boom, counter attack quickly, honestly generally doesn't work, tend to be walking in the"gray area", lay a three way and boundaries.

it can be said that the products in the past few years the internet fast, in addition to daily just need tools, other mostly cater to the dark side of human nature, dopamine, the nucleus accumbens, flow mechanism of the manipulation of the home, in a nutshell is cross formula:as well as a fake copy lazy, a communal ash bucket pasted on.

1, the yellow, is the power of porn.sexual power is always self-evident, from the legendary grass pomegranate, endemic to booty call artifact, shaking cleavage from live platform, look to the cj is not the thighs...internet products even if there is no clear zhihuang pornography, also often make a spate of overtly suggestive and sensory stimulation.unfortunately, this is for us the lofty people are accustomed to cause abnormal work, especially for the majority of the underlying prick silk users, almost immediate.the user data from about gun artifact once an amazing and color flow fraud scary, can find success.

2, poison, is to use a variety of similar gambling addiction mechanism, let users to indulge.this point in the field of the game is extremely obvious, online rumors,"the king of glory team is an important part of the study, how to in 5 minutes to let you become addicted.

3, false, electric business platform relative to traditional businesses, often can give amazing price, but some of them may be fake.especially during the early years of development, tend to be hardest hit, cheap often at the expense of the water quality.

5, lazy, namely from the user's lazy, provide a more simple and efficient, can rely on solutions.this is the starting point of most instrumental products, as long as the user to rely on without tools, became a sacrificial lamb.why the thunderbolt, the storm more revision more let a person can not stand, advertising is various and complex interface?at the end of the day or the business at the start of work, is the first, the user experience for users rely on the roll over master, commercial appeal to force the user experience.

6, bucket, launched against the crowd, use all sorts of contradictions make hot, cardiac eyeball, suction flow rate.from weibo onlookers to tieba detonation, from zhihu quarrel to netease comments from straight men carcinoma with rural women's rights, to map the gun, class, industry, age cannons artillery connect...each big platform is familiar with the chinese be fond of reform in each step, with great pleasure to vent boredom and seek psychological superiority, broadly unconscious internet violence associated with groups.

7, stick, in short is the subsidy.always want to make the internet economy"price advantage", from low to preferential to free to paying, silly money, is behind the capital 'deal or no deal, subsidies money market.

8, loading, using the people to pack to force, to meet the vanity of the user.from the face of the foot down, from"your thinking is closer to the east and the west"to"who you are in the ode to joy", from the constellation interpretation across to the all kinds of psychological test, they seize the chinese users a psychological:want to pack to force and surface profile, so i borrow your products necessary to relax yourself.

9, rumours, bad news travels fast, bad news travels fast, the chinese always have special nut the rumors gossip.early exposure, anonymous social platform of microblogging, all sorts of gossip, once fire, argument to this, voyeuristic interest have the temptation that is unstoppable.

10, ash, is to all kinds of gray legalizing.drops at first, and many times is the"black car"legalization;peer-to-peer(p2p), a lot of is to give the past folk loan shark with a legitimate.

look fine in the c-terminal size achievements of facing the internet companies, who dare to clap breast, said their outbreak and more than 10 no involvement?

4, dividends clears

but unfortunately, in the field of internet, the traditional meaning of the dividends are clears, and started from the second half of 2015.

1, the demographic dividend is gone.chinese basically already hand smartphone, new mobile phone users rose into the bottleneck period, at the same time the frequency of the converter are reduced gradually, the mobile internet market entered the era of stock.fewer and fewer new installed users, who go to application market to download your app?so, the cost of a guest began to surge, the advantage of internet business started"low cost"disappeared.

2, mind carve up the application market, from a tool to entertainment to the local business, all obvious general requirements, all already has a heap of product stuck in there, especially the"head"often have dominated the user's mental space, even if the experience is not the best, it is hard to shake the status.needs of different scenarios, and habits of mind space has been carved up finished, internet startup entered the era of demand scarcity is hard to find.this operating out of the product, or demand is yy, either demand about the ceiling is too low, or even do better, has sunk in the head cast the shadow of the product, keep the people do not know, a guest cost many times higher than the head(not his money, is more expensive than he was the guest).

3, oligopoly situation has formed.was bat, is at, the past is 2 vc, is now at 2, tencent and ali has started to become ubiquitous in chinese internet juli.each track, as long as a little fire, will soon have their figure, or a decisive follow up taking copy, either at the money to buy buy buy.discharge pipe and the new company to survive, and most were put in his hand, want to rebel?let your product share less than friends, let you pay or not.

4, capital"crazy"ecological destruction.a lot of things is absolutely make money at the beginning, financial model is also very clear, such as shared cycling, shared charging treasure, part of the o2o even start bulk.unfortunately, this is ideally in benign competition.china's problem is that one area a little bit of money, capital could bring a copycat crazy play, from thousand regiment war to broadcast to thousands of car war, now even werewolves kill fields are thousands of wolves.this kind of situation often happen, blue ocean in the red sea, a good product innovation to burn money subsidies adult ver steal the user's capital, entrepreneurs to become the capital of the puppet.then, a bonus in full market abuse do smelly do die, all kinds of homogeneity vicious competition, before long, set will turn into a rush, entrepreneur have fallen, harvested the speed out of capital.don't look down upon this, the world is full of superior background, team luxury, the capital has no direction of the team, capital euphemistically called"i am the man,"if you don't have the background of you accidentally found a fertile ground, they are like flies, smelling the meat sweet came.

5, the key is that the cross formula is ineffective.

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