yunos black technology main point soldier: the innovation and change

the future one day, you sit self-driving car to go home, you can watch tv in the car on the way home, when your car into the door of that a moment, home air conditioning is automatically open, clean room has been sweeping robot, turn on the tv can not automatically play in the car watching the show, if you like the product in the tv, can also be taken online, by the way...these look more like a science fiction movie, but actually is not far from us.

on the cloud conference held recently, alibaba was officially unveiled yunos all internet strategy, the next yunos for phone, yunos for car, yunos for work, yunos for tv, yunos the for the home such as operating system can further iot the future, yunos above life scenes, is not difficult.

in the cloud conference yunos the introduced a number of black science and technology, the so-called"black"science and technology, we thought that is the fallacy of the science and technology, in fact should not be high above the black science and technology, but can be integrated into the industry, thoroughly changed the lives of consumers.if the future our life will become more convenient by yunos, intelligent, small make up feel there is no more"black"of science and technology.

so, yunos in the cloud conference announced what kind of black science and technology, and what kind of change will bring to our life?

yunos black technology innovation

prior to the start of the cloud, the home of the it took part in the first internet yunos rally, yunos for car in the game will show the"double blind localization"and"voice commands"technology.

first, yunos for car used in qianhe location can provide"m grade"positioning, precision is less than 1 meter.second"double blind localization"can comprehensive utilization of inertial navigation technology, such as in the case of no internet and satellite signal, still can position the vehicle.yunos for car also carry a customised version of the gold map, the map incarnation into a desktop, and can be in series.

as a smart car system, yunos for car's second black technology is voice commands, it can receive the user's voice commands, and make the corresponding operation, such as navigation, adjust the temperature inside the car.because yunos for car voice assistant at the core of the algorithm is stored in the cloud, so the voice assistant can keep on learning, memory, users of route and habits.

yunos for car there is also a must carry the black science and technology, that is pay can you see it will feel puzzling, pay treasure to become black technology?currently, more and more parking lots to support"alipay"pay, when you drove the car for carrying yunos car system, may come into/out of the parking lot at the same time pay treasure has paid automatically, you can also drive, with pay treasure to reserve restaurant, movie tickets, and the parking space near the evening, even refuelled can use pay treasure treasure to add yunos for car, let the meaning of wallet is smaller and smaller.

maybe someone will say, a mobile phone can do these scene, but in this case, car forever can only rely on mobile phones, is a transport.yunos for the practice of the car, is to make the car be the entrance to the internet.

in the cloud conference this year, yunos joint ali for entertainment officially released yunos for tv operating system, such as sharp and haier will provide yunos for tv to provide product support;of mstar, amlogic chip support;youku, such as tv content will be provided to support.

yunos for black science and technology of tv, is that the system is given priority to with the cloud, big data through the ali.consumers cat after shopping in taobao/day, yunos for tv will recommend the related content of the addition, yunos for tv is based on the avatar and artificial intelligence technology to build smart tv voice assistant services, through continuous learning, yunos for tv can more humanized service for the user.

yunos for home is to make home appliances more intelligent, beautiful launched yunos refrigerator, for example, the refrigerator can according to user's habits, intelligent recommend fresh food as possible, the user can also through the refrigerator display, for internal ingredients at a glance, can also according to the existing ingredients, intelligent recommended recipe, or buying food.

the life scenes, cannot leave the yunos on chip cloud(yoc) chip.yoc for the development of internet of things devices at the same time provide software and hardware integration solution, reduce the threshold.have a core is a secret, to support the transfer of data and services from the depth of the chip, at the same time carrying the trusted execution environment and credible service addition to building new yunhal and caf framework, it is very difficult for us to feel the technical innovation, but precisely because of these technologies, the existence of black technology hardware level, yunos iot is possible, all kinds of black science and technology to achieve the above.

yunos black technology or change our life

yunos black technology is still in its early stages, but there is a lot of room for growth, as alibaba and yunos outlook on the conference:in the future, the smartphone will no longer is the only center, including cars, refrigerators, humidifier, such as light bulbs and even traffic lights of all equipment can be independent access to the internet, and real-time online, each device will produce large amounts of data and transfer to the cloud.finally let the data through the analysis of data sharing and integrated to create greater value and build services of personalization or scene, and then let the service itself circulation link, finally, in turn, for the benefit of humanity, form a human-centered equipment, services, one of three nets.

about yunos black science and technology, the more we see is elegantly constructed scenarios for the future, as for the real things what internet, yunos black how science and technology level, as well as to alibaba and yunos little build, implementation.

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