it's home: scold samsung or scold samsung users and korean

a suburb of scheduled trip stranded because of a rain of raining, just is a drink to read and write the weather, it is samsung.

since the recent week, in a"buzz"in the front row in the list is samsung related content more, some of them are the objective evaluation of practical, some are boom7 little jokes,"through"is basic right, also let a person see the very is happy.however there are some buzz, and some of the simplicity of the building of the building, there is still a number of wars.for violating"must respect person"the first rule, kill a lot of"spray".the number of people are open to scold"stick", swearing at"the family"to buy a samsung, even won hundreds of, it is necessary to say today, i think i should be able to represent the attitude of it home.

a, facts, not the right person, not the person no matter

once upon a time, there have a group of people began to people not things, anyone who buy samsung how, all the iphone's articles, all wp users is 1% of the alternative, whatever...very"honor", we are part of the students as the home of the"spray".of course, everyone is different also, to give the title of some give a hat is the home of"soft powder", have a plenty of fans home"...different people have different personality, have different affection and preference, we respect and defend to the death your right to, but you will, in turn, so to us.or you can't persuade.

here scold of apple, you can think about, what evil apple made to society?price is high?with apple is x?scold soft pink, because microsoft's ecological didn't do you think those users are brain has a problem?

2, and it's home to do those things about samsung's attitude

just now i in the and to:samsung note7 south korea to appear on the market,"wrote a comment on this article:

samsung mobile phone inside and out is very good, if you have a business without any external components 100% all independently produced a cell phone, from housing, processors, memory, storage, it must be samsung can do is very good, compared to domestic shell more do, doing marketing, channel of mobile phone manufacturer, samsung is a worth learning what a lot of people scoffed at 1/4 of its economy has such enterprise, needs to think about why we haven't such a comprehensive national strength, the world's second outstanding enterprises and excellent also a life on this planet, what gave some people despise and abuse of other countries and national high horse.even, even buy products countrymen cursed to death the family.rely on such a self-righteous and arrogant, can come out great enterprises in china?

samsung note7 explosion, samsung has received punishment, crisis public relations but also sparked outrage in china, these are the objective facts, it should be abandoned and criticism, which become even your samsung black it's nothing.but black to black in the right place, good is good, wrong is wrong.scold of south korea's national and scold the chinese themselves, will only to the chinese civilization progress dragging, just for the chinese with a thick layer of black mud on his face.

everyone is punished because of his mistakes, samsung escapes it shut.but everyone will also because of their positive value to the society, be sure and reward.

and then write the article, see about 20% points against the classmate, there are so few comments about my answer:

1, all this to the chinese, you also respect the samsung?

a:these words, see from where i respect the samsung?samsung can do anything, not necessarily is right, but i just expounds the fact.their screen leading technology, the processor leading production technology, memory and storage technology lead, is our learning model.

i respect is the truth of the matter, instead of the event object.

i'm sure the objective technical ability and innovation ability of samsung, i'm not respect the samsung's attitude towards the chinese users.

2, suspected of cleaning is very large, and say to evade the

throughout to lambaste samsung is politically correct?

samsung's attitude to chinese users, stir up a lot of anger, the cost must be huge.this view i said in the comments, everyone to his own mistakes and suffer the consequences, and even death.any market for the chinese market, disregard of the enterprise, has no good end.

i also dislike and spit on the disregard for china area, i'm not going to buy myself and people around him and recommend samsung note7, but looking back, i still don't get a"samsung rubbish","samsung quick death"such a big hat.

samsung's fault, he must to take punishment, if you comment on it in the inside that who is rubbish, please list the concrete is made, a coin has its two sides.

ps:it's home to confiscate any pr fees, including samsung.not no influence to collect, but, abuse of power will only end, will only contempt for the manufacturer.think about which platform will be like the home of the it continuously upgrade site water army to attack and kill the manufacturer.

the contents of a family of three, it attitude

this is a very complicated world, believe in age or experience to understand naturally.for it's home, my colleagues and i can do, can, to a word:some of the truth, we could not say, but we say, all is the truth.after four,


believe that some of my classmates will have a different opinion, i will promptly replies.any time, everyone didn't agree with, i have been in the comments section to absorb and learn everyone's opinions and ideas, at any time correction perfect even overthrow their point of view.

but i insist on facts, not the right person, you can completely negate samsung because bombings, but i'm against those scold the content of the koreans and chinese samsung users and practices.

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