china's internet name?mr luo said ma surnamed luo zhou said

five years ago, a middle-aged body rich uncle on the historical stage of china, said to do a great things, almost everyone don't believe in him.he was born officer the second generation family, high school began to drop out of school, youth drift, middle-aged rolled up his sleeves.he fight with day, to fight, fight with people, and finally in the autumn of 2017, turns life may be a peak.

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yes, i said mr luo.if no accident, but was part of hammer mobile finance conference, soon will be held in the autumn, is held in september or october, it is said that i'm not sure yet.china meeting be put off is very normal one thing.

business for five years, capital chain faces several fracture, experience product jump ticket, friends and fans' criticisms, ridicule, investors in luo this time can get 1 billion yuan of investment, it is not easy.hammer is said to be one of the first wave of investors, and have earned five or six times, of course, is that still on paper.

a hammer before early investors pamelahodgson revealed that this round of funding was ali led, but talked for half an year, finally decided not to vote.ali, later, the business pay attention to your mood, i would like to, can not be sold, and don't have a sense.indeed, ali couldn't vote, are all the same.the half a year, mr.luo said hammer can always to ali;but mr ma has long said, pay treasure to present state at any time.the final hammer 1 billion of 1 billion financing funds directly from the government, not the same as you say?

luo zhenyu asked mr luo, how don't quarrel with people now?mr luo's reality, said the company is the largest, which means can not sinners shall not ali investment after the jump ticket, out just uncle scold is straight, not old.

now is the most understand mr.luo lei lei jun, mr.luo said the interrupted by lei jun less than 10 minutes, then!!!! tell a bunch of straight cut mr.luo tao.'understanding of the hammer and i lei jun has reached 90%, he is the only one.and predecessors' respect elders, it is an important change in the old.

but who understand lei jun?the most difficult time millet, lei jun to attend the shareholders, the ceo of assembly, came to power after the end of the speech, here are from around shanghai lp q:ray, always our investment return how?don't know much about the great north china, yangtze river delta as the misty all the time don't know much about the magic, who also defy the past two years, lei jun rarely come out, say to the wuhan is more, to give back to his alma mater, and the local government set up a fund, make innovation park...millet is improved, the focusing of making a fortune.

with the person of hometown, hubei zhou rarely go back.if it weren't for occasionally go out to play a live-action cs, leader zhou are rarely out of five rings, the in the mind far week leader of a business, as far as possible is the bells went to new york in 2011, when go to the united than domestic security.then someone do o2o, lao zhou look not to understand;someone to play with shared economy, lao zhou also look not to understand;read the phone, but no one to play with him.fortunately, elder zhou critical moment is the most awake, don't know which way is to watch?national security service, benefit the peace and return to the motherland, return to the beginner's mind, go with the party, that's right.people miss zhou hongyi, lao zhou comrade:wave a hand, don't kiss class points.

lao zhou reply miss his people, liu first forward.their common enemy rarely actually, xi xi pity for so many years, or out of class feeling.what is the class feeling?is not ungrateful.was the first love his wife and children hot kang.please go back to the company, the large hadron is worth to pay.

in the 21st century, suqian had two celebrity:one is the official net red, one is web celebrity official move in qincheng, liu moved to as well continue to struggle.the two men is not a stranger, you see which officials pay their pockets to hometown big red envelopes?the history of the world over the past 200 years, for that is good and satisfactory social yearning, basic it is prick silk was born.

large hadron say don't read too much of his recent fact he is a good man, dare say dare do like participate in unicom mixed change, done is done, so what?to participate in national construction with bat, honor is the large hadron comrade.don't think recognition by wall street, chang 'an boulevard is the way.

mobile internet just a few years ago, operators every day worried about internet giant ott overthrow their traditional business, now really upset about the same, but this does not affect the harmonious operators of punches, no internet upstart today;thanks for that don't kill the grace of how much part too much.

words internet firms is china's current positive see real estate bosses, run, run, the pulled, sell sell.when deng told the actual help rich, after all these years, the ever met a few can hope for.but the internet is the cleanest river's lake, and run little, critical moment also can help.let him abuse me thousands of times, but i treated him as the first love.

autumn has come, that not far away in the winter, the spring is more a harvest season, a hammer to open conference, apple should open conference, according to the formula, millet will open.this is the season of flowers, schools of thought contend.

zhou hongyi said that china's internet now has only one name is:ma, ma, ma, melissa), lao zhou you are carrying understand dissimulation, did you ask lei jun?asked ding?asked mr luo?mr luo said sure lo, where are not lo luo gusan jie?people aren't stupid.

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