be crazy fun hurun rich list and the value of existence

every morning to see the hurun rich list:if there is his name, is to set the ticket to the maldives, thoroughly enjoy life;you wash a face up to eat without his own name, take the subway to go to to speak, every day we work motivation is not other, just because the"poor".for most people, the hurun rich list is can only dream of.and to be able to list, even for the rich is also a kind of glory and recognition.

but it happened that there is some people already on the list, but the hurun rich list crazy fun!these people is ali's senior executives.and they questioned, hurun rich list is overestimated his fortune, it is also in doubt the authenticity of the list.why these ali executives ridicule, hurun rich list and the value of existence?

ali executives become rich"web celebrity,"hurun rich list be miserably fun

the hurun rich list has a history of ten early as 1999, hurun launched china's first rich list"list", has yet to be released 19 consecutive list.and with relative impartiality and fairness, hurun rich list become more convincing domestic list.but, this year was stabbed the placing.

the hurun research institute recently released the hurun report 2017, the most notable, in addition to the chinese evergrande slot on$290 billion worth to be over the wealth the most richest man, ali is 43 shareholders on the list as the biggest bright spot-new 25 people than last year.ali is arguably executives on the means of rich list should be a participant, prove that ali has enough power to make more people to become rich.

but the fact is ali digital executives collective poking fun at rich list, even the embodiment of executives for jokes, instantly become rich"web celebrity".the ant gold cat suit vice president to 3.4 billion net worth on the list, even more than ali ceo zhang yong 1.4 billion paid treasure to his official wechat id published titled"i am a cat, and i really have no 34", said"i'm a cat, i heard that i and another 42 colleagues ali boarded the hurun report, my worth$34, light more than alibaba ceo zhang...colleagues began to isolate me, even a small table, table long to ask me to pay more money to have a meal!"

as the ant gold suit group vice president han xin yi also don't admit that he is rich, and said,"everybody is good,(i) is the number down on almost into the top three of the, i don't precipice 140$, i only have 140 jin".even the same list, worth 40 billion ant gold take the chairman peng lei also tweeting,"love brothers three seconds...also 40 billion, zha 400 billion?"

element.hurun rich list and reference value?

a long time, hurun rich list all flaunt oneself is just, fair, therefore is also thought to have reference value.but it also has a drawback, that is not agreed by the parties of.but because the list is an honor, which is not rich real nuked the list.but this was a digital ali executives, it is very rare.hurun rich list out of the question, or ali executives have their own ideas?

executives from ali's point of view, but careful will find fun is the ant gold executives.ant gold dress hasn't been listed, although is a monster, with a high valuation, but executives really worth billions, even tens of billions?if really have such a high net worth, the ant gold profits how high?

of course, also have to consider another worth being so high, not to turn a few times after listed?as a result, these ants gold clothing executives do not like the rich hat.besides, their wealth is higher than ali ceo, also a little out of place...

in the view of the hurun rich list, nature is trying to assert their authority.according to the report, aiming at these questions, respond to rupert hoogewerf, founder of the hurun report.he said,"these numbers in public information can see, we think the list is objective, not very understand what is behind the other factors.

what is ali executives would not wealth, or the hurun rich list wrong, remains unclear.ali executives poking fun at hurun rich list, but so much is undoubtedly a huge impact on the latter, the masses of the value of the latter have doubts.

list is always just a conversation, a happy life is king

19 years ago, the first release of the hurun rich list the sensational extremely.and as time goes on, the list also receive more recognition.but no matter how to say, rich lists for the vast majority of people are just meme.whether billions, or tens of billions, or even hundreds of billions, wealth is not the average person can get.even if has the role of incentive for some people, is usually just a joke.

hurun rich list has value?has, after all, is the top of the wave under an era of induction and summary.but how much value, perhaps was not as important a consideration as we fact, regardless of ali and billionaires who grasp the truth, and the public to live happily is king--so much money, after all, are not your own...

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