song single grey play fine brush screen: netease cloud music can hold up hundred million valuation?

8 billion valuation behind inadequate"hard power"

apparently, in the copyright in the construction and dimension comparison, netease cloud music on"hard power", and the tme is still a gap, obviously impressed people only"5000 comments with the subway to see cry netizen"marketing of subway.netease cloud music sold the touched, from the marketing point of view, have to say it's a success, but moved after 8 billion valuation may lack real solid bottom support.

god rating, no longer play fine too:one's deceased father grind and refresh throughout all the land of the university entrance exam the party

favorite songs began to"gray", naturally led to the netizens' listening enthusiasm also gradually"grey".on zhihu, recently some netizens even specifically asked"why netease cloud music is becoming more and more poor user experience"the series of friend said, in the process of using netease cloud music, more and more feel"because copyright didn't get a lot of can't hear the song","song reviews are all the same jokes", etc.

from the earliest netease bbs, netease has been keen to exploration of, all kinds of jokes, love story is a feature in netease cloud music comments.each group of 999+under review, is an interesting circle of friends,"stay up shaking leg brush comment"social happiness, let many net friend.

figure note:netizen selected

now, copyright problems lead to listen to the song also calculate, the most let a person feel to look,"comment"god of netease cloud music had already been taken by more and more"copy and paste".once a netizen quality, has been"the university entrance exam party","one's deceased father grind the party", the director of"play"story, let users unable to ridicule.

library by tencent sub-license predicament deepened

netease cloud music has the exclusive rights of less, tencent music group on copyright dependence is very strong, now, this kind of passive still september, ali and tencent music entertainment group jointly announced the music group, music group and ali tencent music entertainment group turn copyright authorization cooperation both sides.

tencent music entertainment, universal, warner, sony will be the sole agent of the world's three largest record companies with yg entertainment, jewell music, loen high-quality music copyright sub-license to ali music resources, such as library number in the millions of magnitude.ali music at the same time, the sole agent of the rolling stones, china by, to believe in, such as media asia music copyright also not re-delegate its tencent music entertainment.believe it for netease cloud music, was quite a shock.

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