don't do after the non-mainstream hammer technology have found a new starting point

hammer before mobile phones has been emphasis on industrial design and system interactions, and ignore the hardware configuration.the hammer nuts pro 2 finally also caught up with other similar products on the hardware, mr.luo, though still claim that don't understand the configuration, parameters and but real nuts pro 2 is the mainstream in the end of all this some configuration, qualcomm xiao dragon 660, rear and full screen, fingerprint identification, these all make nuts pro 2 will never be criticized hardware quality slow a beat.

"feelings""spirit"these first by mr.luo fry red word has been rotten street, hammer and old himself no longer mention, but from the nuts pro 2, we can still see them not to phone part to praise is the most optimized smartisan os for visually impaired people do, although hammer mobile phone in the domestic sales at present most is apple, samsung, huawei, millet and other manufacturers of fraction, but with the influence of the old"crosstalk", can let more manufacturers pay attention to this problem.

air purifier industry wide prospect of market, entry threshold is not high, and humanistic care can build on, also may be the most suitable for old and hammer play field, in fact they also in free breathing air purifier fluctuation, low profile design, national standard of the highest card value and have the sincerity of the price, in the dazzling empty net market, may be able to give you one more choice.

in survived after last year's major crisis, hammer technology is finally hope like a normal mobile phone manufacturer, launch a flagship machine in one year, two new machine in the end, and the launch of the autumn the empty net after hammer also officially enters the household industry, mr.luo's ambition is obviously more than that, prior to the conference and media interview, he said, done, now is in preparation for the grab next human-computer interaction point, although we don't know what want to do a hammer technology, but maintain a pragmatic attitude, more have the sincerity of the products, maybe really can"into"hammer technology.

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