pay treasure to small program challenges wechat: or make internet giant competition upgrade again

on january 9, 2017 wechat applet is activated, and as the father of the"wechat"xiao-long zhang followed in the circle of friends played a"2017.1.9"message of encouragement for its new rectified in the past, the small program on the whole micro letter team even tencent empire resources under the tilt has made some achievements, and this is obviously another big domestic internet ali don't want to see, so the topic"ali small program", has gradually caused wide discussion on the internet.

with alipay dispute little program is launched!

there is demand, then nature will have to supply, in the face of the requirements of the broad masses of netizens"theatre", ali's pay treasure to launch small program, actually also is only a matter of fact as early as april this year, the domestic media have reported alipay, some merchants together with application developers are invited to participate in small program testing, except for its specific stores, from all walks of life also can not.but just yesterday, the answer to a riddle announced formally, pay treasure through official channels officially released, pay treasure to small program has been officially open beta, the user can sweep through offline code to use.

according to pay treasure to the definition of"small program", the small program is an open ability, pay treasure to disgust connecting the government, institutions, businesses and users of the minimalist service tools.can be conveniently in pay treasure inside the app access and transmission, and have excellent experience.and is currently in open beta period, pay treasure to small program has opened six major categories, covering air travel, business and transportation service life, the life department, the network virtual services, professional services, professional sales areas.

it's launch, however, was soon button on the"copy"hat.and may is too"close"in the whole process, it was found that pay treasure to the development of small program document, even will wechat small developers name copy the past together.known big v david feng also on weibo with"the most feelings award"poking fun at the event.

of course for the matter, alipay has also issued an apology letter in the first time, the letter said some of the examples in the document writing development, is directly copy the example of wechat, apologize to wechat small program team, and this part of the code at present have been modified.

the giant behind the small program struggle!

tencent launched"small program"with ali, users will be owned by their respective functional web pages from the traditional free app, can be said to be a big practical significance.and if we look at their achievements, may find that one of the"splash"and another"feed".as things stand, therefore, neither is less prominent achievements.

so no achievement, whether it announced the end of the two wars?in fact, to the contrary, because now the competition of the internet, in the end, is still fighting traffic.each kind of function, the service will attract part of the user's attention, and this is where we need traffic.covers"wide"is always pursued by the internet, credit sesame, for it has brought a lot of drainage, and now has become under the alipay system, an important part of the tencent also began in this respect at present, introduced the corresponding tencent credit points, but also is in order to consolidate existing users also can attract more traffic.also make use of this principle, we could even explain why jack ma always more interested in the"social"and mr ma"ma"and have a special liking to electricity, after all, still thinking of flow the other hand the piece of cake.

impact on users and future thinking

the age of the internet traffic is king, as the product yield, so the battle behind its users is particularly this context, the small program launched for users, is actually a good thing.tencent applet natural need not say more,""content and off-line mode closely integrated, open a circle of friends, delicious, fun things are visible, and invite friends over and enjoy the moment, you can be found through the to pay treasure to small program, perhaps it actually has more contact with our daily life, after all, of its home page actually already introduced a similar function, phone, broadband, medical, and public water and electricity fee pay though not users will often use function, but its importance is also without much short the competition between small program is a good thing, at least in the convenient user life on this aspect.

internet giants of the competition, both in ali and tencent layout based on their own advantages, and in the game on the small program, let this competition is likely to escalate.have to say is, of course, there is competition is always good, at least for the broad masses of users.

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