alipay applet open beta developers and micro letter can ease off

alipay applet open beta disclosed the news, but not through official channels, but by a"pay treasure small program plagiarism wechat document"message brought a wave of treasure official soon apologized announcement, admit to write development interface document, copy related documents directly from the micro letter.

as a gen(a)()(), see the news, is a sigh of relief, which means that at the same time maintain wechat and pay treasure to two small program products, greatly reduce the workload, without like maintenance of ios and android platform two app as painful.i'm more care about, pay treasure to small programs available, what that means for many entrepreneurs, will bring more business opportunities.

in previous years, alipay interface scratchable latex era, pay treasure to the small program product and technology system, and has been polished and perfect constantly.the h5 in such aspects as performance, speed, and the function of small programs this solution, in pay treasure and micro letter so that the application of super app, is also a kind of necessity.users in the use pay treasure to preset functions, would have experienced the small program products.but unlike wechat, pay treasure to small programs, lack of social distribution scenario, before also less chance of single exposure.

in the last year after a frustrating attempts to social scene, pay treasure to re-examine its own position and advantage, decided to return to ali is the core value of the products-business support ability.specific to pay treasure and ant gold, these abilities including technology products"alipay small programs, operating products"to"no life"and mobile terminal basic technical ability"mpaas".for commercial can assign, ali is the basis for the development of products for many years.return to the construction of the commercial facilities, preferring, but much involved in specific business, are positioning of the ant gold suit.

the above four scenarios, the ants are gold take advantage of the accumulated over the any relationship with the enterprise, or a related business, technology, product logical combing and precipitation, makes the intervention of a small program that pay treasure, is the last one kilometer to enhance.

before the small program, ali provide support business ability, more in line.c2c and b2c, electricity or take-out o2o, users are through online relationship with merchants, ordered goods or services.although online transactions increased efficiency, but also the development trend of future business, but after all, people are living in real life, more business opportunity and the scene, still exist in line.

so will be offline business merchants and customers both in ali's business ecosystem, will become the urgent matter.small program has multiple scenarios acquisition, fast loading, lightweight, fully functional service features, to get through online for business can assign, great significance.this is ali must be prepared to a service product, and paid by the installed base huge baolai bear, it is very natural.

and the ant gold suit's data and financial business, also is in offline scenarios.ant bicycle credit points from the deposit, i believe that many users have experienced.through the reference data for offline business activities provide credit endorsement, and then the data can also feedback to reply with system, is a win-win.small and micro financial services, can also take this opportunity to benefit the offline merchants.

in fact, if i were a micro letter, see pay treasure of small programs, should be also breathe a sigh of relief.

at this time of last year, i wrote an article"wechat application number(small) this beach"muddy water", the internet entrepreneurs want to wade?", of which the conclusion is that the micro letter forward to develop a small program developers of electricity and offline application scenarios, online, micro letter is not to tilt flow of small programs, and even strict controls of various marketing and spreading action, therefore, there is no so-called"micro letter applet dividend".

the genetic difference, popular says, is the enterprise team configuration, business experience and ability, the differences between the business social, entertainment products for wechat, looking forward to a third party service providers and offline merchants spontaneously resolve"connect all"business goals.connection is not happen automatically, however, requires a lot of work and investment, at the current micro letter offline promotion ability, it is difficult to expect in the short term it will be very smooth.compared to the product design, business development is wechat even the weakness of the tencent.

then pay treasure to the addition of small programs, for the current ecological small program, there will be how to change?

the front mentioned that pay treasure after the open beta, focus of the first is before the familiar with four big industry and cooperative relations.make successful cases, grinding products, technology and business, is pay treasure to small program at this stage in the support ability is very complex and serious thing, is the partner of life and death, in this respect, this to do business with ali's old gun, i'll be more confident.

on the basis of the existing industry, through to the merchants and user penetration and education, can effectively activate the pay treasure in the offline application scenario, these traffic even feedback online, but at this stage, is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.and pay treasure to the penetration of small program on line, will be conducive to the micro letter small program to follow up, the biggest obstacle-to eliminate offline scene.before the

in small program of ecological, only a wechat;in the future as alipay incoming, the two together, for the third party participants, is obviously good news.slay on the surface of the two love each other, in fact is common to do big cake.micro letter is a pioneer in the field of small programs, its development and product specification, has formed the industry a follower of pay treasure, don't have to deliberately make a difference for the the car manufacturers in the area of motor gearbox differ in thousands ways, but should converge operation way, otherwise the driver for a brand car is not to learn.of course, the instruction manual of the car, don't directly copied others' good next time.

as for ordinary users, completely don't need to know the details, like the car passengers do not need to know the engine is hybrid, pressurization, the steering wheel is electronic or hydraulic power.looking forward to pay treasure, along with wechat environment for entrepreneurs to build a mature and stable product technology, to provide users with more and better services.

all in all, pay treasure to the incoming, to a large extent eased the micro letter looks awkward small programs and developers.two jointly explore, improve the ecosystem, is the industry would like to see the future.

the judge:fourteen years working experience in product manager, is now focused on social and commercial product field

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