china united inform on the card: know tencent system application rent yuan without flow

online recently revealed a new internet package"zhihu card", the know on the card is a partner with china unicom and zhihu internet package, is now closed.

zhihu know card is divided into two levels:one is the"card", 29 yuan a month, package contains 1 g of domestic traffic, no free talk time.another is the upgrade version of known card"card plus", inside the package contains 1 g of domestic traffic and calls within 500 minutes.two class package outside the domestic traffic is rmb 10 g/month, domestic call 0.1 yuan/minute, sms and mms are 0.1 yuan/article.

free flow, in addition to zhihu, zhihu know card will support most of tencent is a free flow applications and games, so it is also compared to see it tencent king card advantage is flow inside the package.other than traffic, zhihu know card flow in the form of monthly fees, 10 yuan 1 g/month, tencent king card is charging per day, 1 yuan 1 g/day.

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