where is the g advanced?after watching this picture all understand

after fully into the 4 g era, china mobile and china telecom and puts forward the concept of"4 g+", then the 4 g+network compared to the 4 g network is advanced in where?china mobile's official has just released a drawing of the science, we introduces the more advanced 4 g+network advantage.

according to introducing, the advantage of the more advanced 4 g+network include:you can make a phone call while surfing the internet, the network is faster(theoretical peak as high as 330 mbps), signal better, call through to low latency, etc.

"+4 g"is for the 4 g network upgrade collectively, describes the application and describe polymerization technology of 4 g lte-a carrier.4 g+network, the core of the most prominent performance is a massive growth speeds, but were not applied because of its subversive and a leap in the new technology, so the industry will accelerate the 4 g networks are collectively referred to as"4 g+", or described as"4 g plus"in english.

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