china telecom farewell to program-controlled exchange!into the light the new era

, december 21, 2017, china telecom last tdm program-controlled exchange end electricity back network under the bureau, china telecom to become the world's largest all-optical network, ip network operators, all open china's high speed all-optical new era.

china telecom network operation maintenance department general manager xiao-hong sun said,"the tdm pbx is a miniature of the communications industry rapid development, our final exchange points under the electrical network has the milestone significance.back"

overall tdm switches, marks the china telecom has transformed itself from a circuit switching to the big cross ip exchange.

14 this month, china telecom,"the middle and lower reaches of the yangtze river roadm network"officially put into use, it is the size of the chinese market the first commercial networks of roadm.china telecom users also upgraded by traditional copper cable access for optical fiber access, implements a single fiber door.

china telecom launched in 2014 on a large scale network user authority, after 4 years time to complete the 4575 end of pbx disconnections, migration 110 million users, this is also the world's biggest tdm switching network user migration.

up knowledge finishing(china telecom):

tdm switches:

for the time-division multiplexing mode, namely we usually say of spc telephone exchanges, using time-division multiplexing(tdm) technology and large scale integrated circuit.time division multiplexing is a kind of digital multiplexing technology, is a through different channel or cross a pulse in the time slot, at the same time in the same communication media transmission multiple digital technology including data, voice and video signals.telephone network based on tdm technology, so its network or device, usually referred to as tdm network or device.tdm equipment mainly provide business including phonics class business phone calls, call forwarding, caller id, such as supplementary business, together with the smart grid provides 400, 800 and other intelligent class business.

the early reform and opening up, the public telephone network capacity is 4.35 million door only, phone users only 2.14 million, telephone penetration rate is only 0.38%, less than one over ten of the world average.china telecom on the application of the telephone switching technology, break the international practice, daring to introduce and promote the use of the world at that time just started commercial using tdm technology of spc exchange.

on december 24, 1980, post and telecommunications administration of fujian province and japan's fujitsu corporation formally signed the introduction of"contract"f150 program-controlled switchboard, gate of fuzhou telecommunication bureau introduced telephone switching system in 10000, long distance exchange 600 line.on november 27, 1982, china's first f150 spc telephone exchanges in fuzhou.chinese communication began on a high starting point, large span.communication construction constantly to meet the needs of national economic and social development, communication network scale capacity, technical level and service level into the world advanced level, the telecoms industry by the national economic development in the early years of the reform and opening up"bottleneck"support"engine"of economic development, industrial upgrading.

more than 30 years ago, tdm spc exchange is one of the world's most advanced communications equipment at the time, but along with the rapid development of communication industry technology, ims, the softswitch equipment based on ip technology are mature and scale deployed on the internet, have the ability of tdm switching equipment the same time a large number of tdm switches in the network running time for more than 20 years, aging equipment failure rate is high, and are unable to offer users, such as multimedia like video calls new the same time, the energy consumption of tdm switches is big, also does not conform to the development of green environmental protection idea.ims network:

ims(ip multimedia subsystem) is the ip multimedia subsystem, is a kind of brand-new multimedia business form, it can meet the present terminal customers newer, more diversified demand of multimedia business.ims multimedia services with support for multiple access and plentiful, become an all-ip core network standard architecture of the times.experienced in the past few years the development of mature, ims is now crossing the rift valley, become a fixed voice vobb, pstn network transformation in the field of mainstream choice, but also by the 3 gpp standard architecture, gsma identified as mobile voice.


((voice over lte), is a voice service based on is a kind of ip data transmission technology, all business carries on the 4 g network, which can realize the unity of the data and voice services in the same other words, under the 4 g network not only provide high rate data business, at the same time also provides high quality audio and video calls, to achieve the goals of the above, needs to be done by(technology.


(reconfigurable optical add and drop multiplexe) reconfigurable optical multiplexing multiplexer, is a kind of use in dense wavelength division multiplexing(dwdm) system of the device or devices, its effect is through the remote reconfiguration, can dynamically on the road or the road business the middle of the line, can according to need any assignment and wavelength of the business, realize the business of flexible scheduling.

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