millet announced upgrades to phone card: 12-12 officially released

internet phone cards are welcomed a second wave of the upgrade, no directional free flow, 800 mb to 1 gb"1 yuan"traffic updates and other preferential policy is clearly not enough, the first generation of internet property cards have been shot dead on the beach.

in rice card cooperation with china unicom, telecom, this afternoon, millet official announced the previously issued"to"upgrade phone cards, will change in package, the official said"how much how much,"with previous fixed package has a great change, will be officially released in shuangshier.

after the millet to phone card into the telecom/unicom dual network optional, set a price range in 39 yuan-199 yuan between, respectively, 1 gb~ 10 gb of data plan, does not give the talking time resource, the highest 99 yuan file away 4 gb traffic across the country in various operators free flow card to popularize the moment do not have any advantage.

after the upgrade, millet"to"phone cards may redistribute in the form of free meals, cost performance is worth looking forward to.

"to"bring the current millet phone packages

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