china mobile, the first provincial nbiot shanghai commercial first opened formally base station to another

news on december 15, new era"5 g iot, wisdom, shanghai commercial mobile nb-iot network iot test, 5 g network boot, 5 g iot developers conference"was held in shanghai international conference center.shanghai mobile launch nb-iot commercial network, at the same time start the iot test 5 g network construction, and in shanghai to play creation networking industry alliance, industry chain partners hand in hand to create all things at the new age.

in recent annual global partner conference, china mobile chairman shangbing high-level disclosure, by the end of 2017 china mobile will implement the nb-346 cities iot continuous coverage and comprehensive commercial;will provide 1 billion yuan of nb-special subsidies, iot module step set, up to 80%;and publicly for the first time the nb-iot charges, including charges$20 and$40 two gears pack shangbing special mention in the"139 plan","1"is the focus on promoting the nb-iot new network cooperation.

the first provincial nb-iot network big commercial

"shanghai mobile has built china mobile first nb-iot commercial network at the provincial level, is the largest in shanghai, covering the best nb-iot networks."solemnly announced that chen li, general manager of shanghai is understood that shanghai mobile nb-iot ability of base stations have been completed more than 20000, the first opened more than 3500.

as the mainstay of wisdom city construction in shanghai, shanghai mobile to a wave of information technology revolution and industry revolution, ahead of the layout of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things, such as new infrastructure network and platform, in the lead the nb-iot network construction and the large-scale wireless networks to replace the upgrade, actively cultivate the ability to network, platform, large data capacity, capacity, industry chain, network operations team six core competence, reserve in advance the future evolution of the network capacity, and implement the honeycomb iot outdoor continuous coverage, for"all"the internet era to era"at all"ahead of the strategic layout.

conference, shanghai mobile also issued 2018 development of the internet of things"123"plan,"1"or"focus on one goal-to be everything at industry leading","2"or"to achieve two leading-network and platform ability lead, lead industry chain cooperation ability","3"or"a breakthrough in three-internet connection size breakthrough 35 million, nb-iot connection number above 5 million, industry application deployment breakthrough 1000".

the first to start the 5 g network iot test

shanghai mobile actively practice and the shanghai municipal government signed a strategic framework agreement, the shanghai municipal development and reform commission(ndrc), shanghai committee under the guidance of the letter, with the shanghai internet of shanghai co., ltd.jointly undertake and promote strategic emerging project evolution of the internet of things"for 5 g key technology research and platform construction, create the best products in mobile network, to carry out the pilot, 5 g 5 g in jiading, pudong area synchronized iot, car networking, such as ultra broadband network technology, to support shanghai build global influence kechuang center, industrial internet innovation center.

to launch a iot industry alliance

conference, shanghai mobile joint partners to create a iot industry alliance, actively construct the open innovation ecological cooperation, integration of industrial chain upstream and downstream power, common wisdom couplet new era.

"iot alliance(shanghai)"is the china mobile of the"139 plan"issued after landing in shanghai, one of three league by both at home and abroad from things networking chips, modules, terminal, network, platform, the application of related industries, enterprises and institutions in accordance with the principles of"voluntary, equality, cooperation, win-win"to participate in the community, mutual benefit and revolves around the internet of things industry chain related cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions, professional public service platform, service and so on to carry out the work such as technology research and development, application and industrialization of nonprofit organizations, to jointly promote the industrialization development of the internet of things, help the real economy is more and more"wisdom", big city management is more and more"fine", started for shanghai brand"big four"inject new momentum, constantly meet people's increasing need of a better life, constantly improve people's feeling, happiness and satisfaction.

among them, shanghai mobile will triple role, the first is becoming the whole shanghai united network quality, the most widely network coverage, the most reliable service ability strongest operators;secondly on the basis of communication network, to the module, terminal, industry application, a comprehensive internet solution provider;third do physical network efficient management of the business, to the partners to provide internet value-added service, win-win cooperation, to create greater value.

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