the official opening of china unicom new them roughly: accept application in mainland china

last night in beijing, china unicom and signing ceremony for the 2022 winter olympics and the winter paralympic games organization committee, the china unicom officially enabled 166 new them roughly, put millions across the country a number, at present in china has been open to make an appointment.

since last month, the ministry established for three carriers approved new them roughly, 166 of them roughly is china unicom is special, starting support when the choose and buy ice cream package or 199 yuan in the province of domestic unlimited package, now a partner with china unicom and sesame credit them roughly 166 starting activity, according to the evaluation results of credit sesame, some beautiful without pre-existing charges directly to deal with.

them roughly 166 mobile phone, support custom birthday,, lucky number, etc., pre-deposits relief rights limit is 166 yuan, 1666 yuan or 1666 yuan, specific cost depends on your purchase in advance to the number of scarcity, them roughly will start in january 8, 166 formally accept, accept reservation now.

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