between pure dry: wireless standard ax and ac technology

802.11 ax is also known as"efficient wireless standards"(high-efficiency wireless, hew), each user in the user intensive environments more than four times the average rate of ascension, namely in high-density environment for more users to provide a consistent and stable data flow(average rate), will effectively reduce the network congestion, improved speed and wireless coverage.

in addition, 802.11 ax standards in addition to backward compatibility 11 a/b/n/ac, but also to the railway station, airport and so on these high-density scene each user average rate of 4 times.while on the data rate and channel width and 11 ac are similar, but it can provide a new match 1024-qam modulation and coding(mcs 10 and 11).not only that, through the mu-mimo and ofdma technology, it can also be specified on the chain and chain multi-user operations.

11 ax provide 4 times of ofdm fft, narrower sub-carrier spacing(density of 4 times) and 4 times the codes of the time, in order to improve the stability of the multipath fading environment and outdoor and performance, and flow and channel access.because of its power management, so that can bring more long-lasting battery life.

based on the above all sorts of"ability", 802.11 ax can achieve what the application requirements?first of all, is data unloading 2020, each month the wi-fi unloading flow will reach 38.1 eb, and continuously exceed the monthly action traffic(30.6 exabytes) forecasts, equivalent to move in the network more than 6000 per minute blu-ray movie;second, with large numbers of access point, and the environment with high density hold heterogeneous devices, to know the"airport wi-fi"indicates"home wi-fi";third, is to be able to very good to adapt to the outdoor and the mixture of outdoor environment.

another very important point need to get to.we say 802.11 ac only run on 5 ghz frequency band, but 802.11 ax 'tucked-in' 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz dual-band.however, 11 ax also covers a major change, the sub-carrier spacing to before 802.11 standard 1/4, to retain the existing channel bandwidth.

not only such, 802.11 ax adopted single user and user two operation modes.sequence in single user mode, as long as the wireless sta(wireless base stations) a media access right, can send and receive homework every time a data;in multi-user mode, can be more than ap sta synchronous operation, and the standard on this pattern will be further divided into the chain and chain multiple, you may feel more confusion, so we made a list, to a more intuitive comparison differences between ac and 11 november ax:

802.11 ax wireless standard, we talk about today, in fact, there are many technical advantage, and even some we did not even heard of uncommon to hear words, regardless of the advanced technology, its single theory can also run on 2.4 g and 5 g band is very, when can widespread popularity?actually, broadcom and qualcomm, marvell chip manufacturers at present have been introduced based on 802.11 ax technology products, while network equipment manufacturers, such as the asus, sharp czech also introduced the corresponding household and enterprise products, is now able to support 11 ax terminal is not available, believe it's only a matter of time under the big trend.

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