survey: gbgb flow the most popular with the users

ericsson recently released its latest mobile market report, the content covers the global mobile users change trends and development prospects,(developing trend, the development trend of mobile data traffic, internet of things development trend and trend of evolution of the global network coverage and network, etc.

according to ericsson's study, the analysis of the available data show that overall, larger data traffic will be more and more packages to attract customers.last year, 6% to 7% of users have from smaller flow package moved to the flow of more than 5 gb far the most popular mobile broadband data plan is the monthly limit range between 2 gb and 5 gb the global mobile data usage increases, the user will continue to flow more package migration.but traffic demand of the poles have a stable customer base, this means that the user needs a variety of packages, that there is no"winner-take-all"meal.

for further comparison, ericsson, the study according to the income of countries around the world can be divided into two markets, one is the per capita gross domestic product(gdp) is higher than the countries of the world average(called"in countries with high gdp"), another is a country with a gdp per capita is lower than the world average(called"in countries with lower gdp").analysis shows that the two markets group preference pattern.

2 gb-50 gb traffic package users accounted for 60%

ericsson said the flow of mobile users actually use often exceeds the total package.on average, minimum flow package(less than 100 mb) flow of users use far beyond the limit.the user group of more than 60% of users in more than 200% of its traffic limit, consumption data and the secondary flow package(up to 1 gb) is almost the same user.

about 35% of the user to select the amount of low and medium traffic package(less than 2 gb) a month, they are using traffic accounted for 12% of total flow.from the point of view of network capability, these customers can be treated as easy to service users.relatively low consumption does not, however, said the customer to the quality differentiation factors, such as network performance requirements are low.

at the same time, using medium to very large flow package(2 gb per month-50 gb) consumers account for 60% of the total number of users, they use 75% of the a limited set of user generated traffic, about 30% beyond its limit consumption flow package, this enables operators to encourage the user top-up continuously upgrade addition, the increase of traffic demand for greater data migration played an important role.

in countries with higher gdp, large flow package(more than 50 gb) user traffic accounted for about 20% of the total view of the user group was only 6% of the total number of users, their proportion in the said, however, unlimited packages usually by fair use policy and the priority mechanism to restrict, the form of preventing usage patterns on the experience of other users have a negative impact.such a mechanism, combined with the acquisition is not limited to the super combo premium pricing model can effectively control and to liquidate large flow plan.

wi-fi traffic consumption than remains

ericsson, according to the movement of the consumers have the bigger the package, they tend to switch to wi-fi.for small flow package(less than 100 mb), only about 5% of the flow through the mobile network.for unlimited package, this ratio can reach 35%.due to feeling unlimited, unlimited traffic data on the user's overall consumption more, via mobile network traffic accounted for.

in small flow package users, compared with the national user higher gdp, gdp lower national users are more willing to reside in the mobile network.this is because the countries with low gdp of fixed broadband and wi-fi availability is low.

however, the low countries gdp of users, the relationship between the mobile and wi-fi flow in heavy traffic and unlimited package has changed, the shunt to wi-fi flow ratio may be that the economic ability can afford unlimited package family also can afford a fixed broadband connection and wi-fi.

even if there were no mobile traffic use restrictions, its unlimited user via wi-fi consumption proportion is larger, the flow of people with the most activity time indoors, indoors, often can automatically switch.this suggests that, even if consumers turn to a bigger flow package, but via wi-fi is a large proportion of consumption of flow.

to be used in traffic volume(mobile and wi-fi) no significant differences, maximum flow formula of the difference between users with minimum flow formula is only 2.5 times.however, in terms of mobile data consumption, it's quite up to 24 times two groups of users.this suggests that, although the basic data requirements are common, but in different ways to meet the customers' needs.

operator must ensure that the diversification of packages

ericsson in the report pointed out that the market does not exist"winner-take-all"meal.2 gb per month-5 gb of data plan users occupies a considerable proportion in the entire customer base.the existence of the stable customer base segment, however, means that you need a variety of packages to meet the various demand of the market.

optimizing model from all over the world.although one of the most popular package flow for 1 gb-10 gb per month, but two extreme proportion has a stable customer traffic, large flow package most growth.this will not only further highlights the need for a variety of packages, and shows that migration to the big data is a global phenomenon.

although feared that its unlimited set of user generated data traffic will increase, but this kind of traffic can be control by fair use addition, 60%-65% of its unlimited user traffic via wi-fi networks.unlimited data plan can meet the demand of customer segments.

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