a figure known to buy before look!china unicom internet packages offer large inventory

v1.03 update log(on december 27, 2017, update):

package content updates:

    new ali treasure card internet package information;

    new package information, meizu meiyou card, internet;

    new, netease platinum card, the internet information package.

form layout optimization:

    the full use new font;

    the full layout;

    optimization of a figure known watermark background.

description text update:

v1.02 update log(update), december 12, 2017:

package content updates:

table layout optimization:

    optimization of millet, rice noodles card, weibo, v card, jingdong, strong card, youku, cool card, hungry, hungry, full, full card and industrial and commercial bank, e card form layout;

    optimization of a figure known header graphic layout.

description text update:

    form of the word"n/a"localization"not applicable".

v1.01 update log(updated november 11, 2017):

package content updates:

table layout optimization:

description text update:

    if the outside package flow for daily rent flow(flow), indicate in the table;

    optimize the description text, weibo v card, other promotional offers.

said recently that china unicom has begun to gradually loosened, allows you to use old user changes traditional meal package types for the internet package.

the so-called internet package, it is to point to china unicom and tencent, ali, bi li bi li produced by internet companies such as package type, generally, compared with the traditional package, the package in the flow of advantage on the price is very big.

after it ring net friend feedback, there are many successfully changed the set of users.given that many readers may have to use your own package type changed by the traditional formula for the demand of the internet package, it's home, in the form of a figure known summarizes various internet package rates and package content, we would like to provide the reference for the readers.

if you are not a unicom users, want to apply for a new package contains the internet china unicom mobile phone card, so in this article, the home of the it will also introduce the opening of china unicom's internet package exclusive mobile phone card.

at present, there are a lot of china unicom internet package, it's home there may be missing in the process of collecting data, if there is a discount, and this paper didn't mention the package type, please readers pointed out in the comments section.

let's begin.

a figure known:china unicom internet discount package inventory

that is the home of the it inventory of china unicom internet discount package for you.

the internet package materials and package content may change over time, detailed information please refer to our china unicom's official website and cooperation with china unicom to launch internet package various internet enterprise related page shall prevail.

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