china unicom and first day cat cooperation business hall: do card and buy buy buy

15 december, china unicom and alibaba jointly created by the"china unicom intelligent life experience store"officially opened in shanghai.customers in the store experience, including ar day shopping, cloud shelves, cat elves, latest technology products new retail areas.

all online channels closed

"china unicom intelligent life experience store"through"retail+"ali and unicom docking system, based on the"wisdom of stores"a set of products and technology system, and reconstruct the brand system comprehensive services, marketing channels and scene, the offline and online user behavior multidimensional data matching, realize the online same, same price, inventory, the user can choose home delivery or the goods, make a purchase more convenient.

at the same time, tmall big data also provides a personalized product direction, the store number in the card and the terminal and other products, users can also buy tmall with same price of the digital home appliance products.

rich experience to buy new

integrating visual, auditory and tactile interaction cloud shelves can all-round display of commodity prices, details, for the customer in our stores to see the goods, and a key to buy.based on augmented reality ar goods purchase and the experience of the scene, can get online users scan the physical commodity evaluation, goods details and online purchase, greatly improve the real-time interactivity of users and commodities.

refreshing store design

store design from traditional operator sim card draw inspiration, by tens of thousands of pieces of custom mobile sim card"set into a wall";acrylic grid shelves built the unique transparent feeling and stereo feeling.

combining the common agent"new retail"

the china unicom with alibaba also designed for to store customers such as offline ar catches the cat cat, ice-cream combo+tmall elves combination"quick meal"and so on all kinds of wonderful activities.

in november 2016, china unicom and alibaba group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in hangzhou, in basic communications services industry, mobile internet and conduct in-depth cooperation in areas such as the internet.during the same month, pay treasure to reach a strategic cooperation with china october this year, china unicom and alibaba group announced the open cloud computing resources to each other, in the cloud in government, industry customer market, and other areas of the proprietary cloud for joint development.

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