freeze: independent networking gnr standard statement commercial companies

sk telecom, executive vice president and director of ict r&d; center jinhyo park, said:"the industry at the end of 2017 completed 5 g nr 3 gpp standards, is of great significance for early may 2019 g commercial.we are very proud to be one of the key contributors, accelerate the 3 gpp dependent nr 5 g telecom will continue to promote the further development of the 3 gpp 5 g nr, promote 5 g commercial at an early date."

sony mobile communications

executive vice president of sony mobile communications izumi kawanishi said:"the sony in the independent networking 5 g nr standardization played an important role in the process, the first 5 g 3 gpp standard release for mobile broadband and low latency communications has the milestone mobile will tightly grasp the new opportunities, fully prepared, comprehensive research and development based on nr 5 g smartphone."


sprint's chief technology officer, dr john saw said:"we are very happy together for the next generation wireless networks(5 g), which will promote the innovation and development of the worldwide.congratulations to the 3 gpp and delegates the landmark progress has been made!we all look forward to with industry partners hand in hand, in the 2.5 ghz frequency band(nr) n41 frequency deployment 5 g nr."


tim's chief technology officer giovanni ferigo said:"tim has been established to determine the 5 g development route, and with the main trade partners, municipal and public institutions cooperation, strive for in 2020 to serve the masses of users and vertical market release the potential of 5 g, further expand the coverage of the past few months, 3 gpp the extraordinary effort, to complete the first 5 g standard commitment to cope with new hollow proposed strict requirements, it is also a very important step in 5 g roadmap.we look forward to continue to contribute to r15 version of completely fall to the ground."


telefonica global system and network director enrique blanco said:"we sincerely thank the industry to complete the first 5 g efforts.we fully agree with 5 g have the potential, encourage the industry innovation, provide unsurpassed connectivity, bring the best user will do our utmost to cooperate with the industry, promote the development of 5 g."


the t-mobile

the t-mobile, chief technology officer neville ray said:"this is an important time, is also an important progress in 5 g nr deployed.t-mobile dedicated to the fulfillment of the the deployment of 2020 5 g, 3 gpp efforts will help us a great victory for the customer."


verizon's chief technical architecture and network planning, vice president of ed chan said:"we are very glad to 3 gpp accelerate released the global 5 g, it is an important milestone in 3 gpp.verizon has well prepared for our customers to provide a new generation of communications technology, like in the 4 g era."


vodafone group research center director luke ibbetson, said:"more than 5 g standard completed six months in advance, this is an important milestone, the consistency of meet the demand of users network infrastructure and mobile phones.established on the basis of the current network, the first version of the 5 g standard will provide customers with fast and efficient mobile broadband services, lay the foundation for the building gigabit society."


zte cto xu huijun said:"not a independent networking 5 g nr standard industry is important to the completion of the milestone.i thank you very much for the 3 gpp complete challenging target one of 5 g standardization of contributors, zte will mobile peers, hand in hand together to accelerate the mass validation and deployment of 5 g nr."

3 gpp tsg ran plenary meeting successful completion of the first commercial deployment of 5 g nr;, british telecom, china mobile, china telecom, china unicom, fujitsu, deutsche telekom, ericsson, huawei, intel, kt corp., lg electronics, lg u+, mediatek, nec, nokia, ntt docomo, sk telecom, orange, qualcomm and samsung electronics, sony mobile communications, sprint, tim, spain's telefonica, telia and u.s.t-mobile, and verizon, vodafone and zte agreed that the completion of first 5 g nr standard will promote the development of 5 g nr global industrialization, and 5 g to 2019 large scale test and commercial deployment of laid a foundation.

on february 27, 2017, the global mobile communications industry leader in barcelona announced support for 5 g nr standardized acceleration, agreed to support 5 g standardized acceleration, will not independent networking 5 g nr as the first commercially available standard milestone.based on the statement, on march 9, 2017 dubrovnik in croatia, 3 gpp ran plenary session held by the 5 g standardization decided to speed present, the independent networking 5 g standardization of nr as part of the r15 version has been completed.

the 5 g nr standard can achieve 5 g nr comprehensive and efficient development, not only greatly improve the ability of 3 gpp 5 g systems, and create a market opportunity for vertical industries.5 g nr independent and dependent network underlying standard using uniform design, to ensure the global 5 g nr industry ecosystem.3 gpp agreed r15 will continue to perfect independent networking 5 g nr, we should thank for completing challenging 5 g 3 gpp standard, struggle to pay for each participant.


at&t; vice president hank access network architecture and analysis kafka, said:"we are proud of the completion of the 5 g standard.milestones are reached, the 5 g standardization for the development of next 5 g device, interoperability testing and 5 g early deployment to lay a solid foundation.the completion of the first 5 g nr standard reflected to accelerate commercial deployment of new technology, industry leaders in the framework of 3 gpp in dedication and leadership."


bt chief architect neil j.mcrae said:"i'm glad to see the first 5 g, it is the important step to realize 5 g deployment, our innovation for 5 g said.we are very proud to participate, bt will continue to promote standardization, 5 g benefit the customers and the public."

china mobile

china mobile communications group co., ltd., vice president, says mr li, said:"the first 5 g nr version not only provides the 5 g of independent networking deployment plan, also completed the independent deployment and deploy public part of the standard, for the global unification of 5 g system to lay a solid foundation.we believe that the next important milestone will be completed in june 2018 independent networking standard of 5 g nr, provide end-to-end capacity, 5 g for operators to explore enterprise and vertical markets play a crucial role.china mobile is active with industry partners, is committed to achieve 5 g 2020 commercial deployment, to provide customers with diversified 5 g."

china telecom

gui-qing liu of china telecom group co., ltd., deputy general manager, said:"i'm very glad to china telecom in the 3 gpp standards, to complete the first implementation of 5 g nr standard.we expect will finish at the end of this important milestone and independent networking standards, 5 g in the next few years will speed up product development, validation, and commercial the first 5 g nr standard completed, china telecom plans to take the lead in several major cities in china in 2018 to carry out the 5 g field test, and prepare for the upcoming 5 g commercial."

china unicom

shao guanglu china united network communications group co., ltd., deputy general manager, said:"this is an important step in the 3 gpp and the entire industry.first version of the 5 g nr standard provides the significant function of independent networking and networking, is very important to the carriers.unity and cooperation, we believe that the entire industry to make 5 g technology further development, better service for the human society and vertical industry.china unicom is looking forward to the advent of the era of 5 g, and will continue to industry partners, hand in hand together to achieve 5 g commercial."



ericsson's chief technology officer, erik ekudden said:"according to industry demand and expectations, 3 gpp as well to complete the first 5 g an important contributor to ericsson collaborate with industry partners, the mobile communication technology development for global network platform for consumers and businesses.our team began as early as 2010, 5 g research, and industry partners hand in hand to build the early 5 g test the standardization work, fast complete the first 5 g, highlights the 5 g the health of the ecosystem."


fujitsu executive vice president and director of network products sales department masayuki seno said:"we are very pleased to see the first 5 g nr standard released will accelerate the development based on 3 gpp nr 5 g nr standard 5 g products, help customers product validation and commercial deployment."


5 g product line, president of huawei yang chaobin said:"as a key member of the 5 g industry, huawei is committed to promoting global 5 g standard agreed upon, and including governments, regulators, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industry and all walks of life, the international organization cooperation, make joint efforts to push the 3 gpp first 5 g major progress was made in nr standardization work.starting in 2018, huawei continues to global industry partners, hand in hand will be 5 g into a new stage on a global scale commercial."intel

intel vice president and the next generation standards, general manager of asha keddy, said:"we are very glad to work closely with global mobile communications industry leader, networking 5 g nr 3 gpp the independence standards, and accelerate technical will continue to be in the network, cloud and client devices, as well as the first commercial 5 g modem play an important role, expand the 5 g ecological health, power 5 g global deployment."

kt company

kt, chief technology officer and director of institute of fusion technology dongmyun lee said:"as one of 5 g industry leader, we are witnessing the first independent networking industry 5 g nr standard issued.this is the whole industry, including kt, in a concerted effort to the important achievements obtained in recent years, the industry at the same time commitment to 2019 based on 5 g global uniform standard of the whole commercial business.kt expect through the efforts of the 3 gpp can further meet the market demand, accelerate the fourth industrial revolution."

lg electronics

lg electronics, chief technology officer i.p.park, said:"we are very honored to become the world's first 5 g nr standard to complete one of the key contributors.the timely release of the standard for internet business, innovation and speed up the industrial convergence plays an important role.lg electronics will continue to contribute to the development of the 5 g standard, to promote 5 g integration innovation, provide the market with new products and business."

lg u+

5 g, head of the strategic planning joosik choi said:"we thank all for the first 3 gpp and independent networking standard of 5 g nr the effort of the enterprises, which will accelerate the vigorous development of the lte band, 3.5 ghz and 28 ghz dual connection technology rf analysis, one of the important contributors to lg u+5 g will continue to be committed to achieving nr deployment, leading standard, 5 g industry ecology."



nec, executive vice president and director of telecom operator business department atsuo kawamura said:"the independent networking to the completion of the 5 g nr standardization, 5 g is to realize the comprehensive commercial process is an important is committed to promoting the standardization of global mobile communication process, and believe in the future 5 g will bring unprecedented experience for the whole is vigorously developing security intelligence technology, make the 5 g business become a reality."nokia

nokia at bell labs, president and chief technology officer marcus weldon said:"this is the key step of 5 g to market commercial, nokia is very happy to play an important role in the process of standardization of 5 g.5 g will offer new possibilities for wireless communication technology, play an important role, so as to promote mobile broadband 4.0 era of industrial automation and industrial continuous innovation, enabling a variety of new business, build complete connection of the digital world."

ntt docomo

ntt docomo executive vice president and chief technology officer hiroshi dr nakamura said:"thanks to the 3 gpp enormous efforts, completed six months ahead of the first 5 g nr the world's leading mobile operator ntt docomo is 5 g standardization has made important contributions.since may this year, ntt docomo to test the outfield industry partners hand in hand, and jointly promote the development of 5 the completion of the first 5 g standard will accelerate the development of the 5 g, and in 2020, implementation is based on dependent 5 g commercial network."


orange wireless network, senior vice president arnaud vamparys said:"we are pleased to see the release of the first 5 g international standard.including year after year 2018 will be released in 3 gpp versions, 5 g application and the development of the internet of things will accelerate, orange recognition on business alienation high quality network will bring new opportunities for development, so we firmly with industry partners, to promote the commercial deployment of 5 g.


qualcomm, executive vice president and president, cdma technology two amon, said:"we are very glad to be as one, the landmark progress, and once again standing in the industry forefront, plan to take the lead to achieve the vision 5 g in 2019.we look forward to continue our cooperation with mobile industry partners, launched in 2019, based on nr 5 g commercial network and equipment, make smart phones and other terminal use sub-6 ghz and mmwave spectrum.we will continue to put 5 g technology research and development, the connection for emerging industry, can make the future new business and new experiences."samsung electronics

samsung it and mobile communication business unit, president and chief dj koh said:"as one of the leaders in the global mobile industry, samsung in collaboration with the industry to promote 5 g standard issued, is a milestone of standard of independent networking 5 g nr is complete, we will accelerate and 5 g commercial deployment, including chip, terminal and network will continue to push r15 new hollow standard is complete, the sustainable development of this standard to meet the demand of the growing mobile broadband industry, to explore new business opportunities, new business is critical.

sk telecom

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