exposure to china unicom offline business hall big change: day cat jingdong in unlimited card into the mainstream

china unicom mix improved, outside group reform, offline has also changed in business hall.

according to reports coming from the weibo [email protected] old willow, unicom 2018 mix changes will accelerate, business hall into a jingdong, tmall offline store, increased popularity.rowed small grass-roots slowly after contracting the country energy burst, efficiency gains, with the rapid development of card king, makes market competition heats up, the national rates falling faster, unlimited card will become the mainstream of$50 a month.

with the development of 5 g communication technology, to persist in 2019 mobile phone manufacturers will usher in a batch of replacement.

operator business hall, where had previously only deal with all kinds of communication business and no third party vendors in case, through tmall, jingdong, future unicom business hall on the function is more abundant.

according to reports coming from the china unicom staff, is currently in offline by tencent to be a partner with china unicom, the popular new king card, among the many internet package in china unicom will be recommended, king card class combo as main and the meal card of the monthly squarely in 50 yuan or so.

i can buy other goods store in the unicom business hall, you will often visit?

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