telecom broadband is a dominant mobile users are gradually catch up

three carriers were released in november this year of operational data, is one of the most let us pay attention to the mobile broadband number of users has reached 110 million users.and every month can make about 3 million people, has only 77.5 million users of unicom trailing behind.

4 g mobile dominance is a foregone conclusion, telecom and china unicom has been in a situation, try to overtake each other with a narrow lead telecom now, but the momentum is clearly unicom, it looks like it won't be long before will be surpassed.

mobile broadband users more and more is also a reason, the first is the price preferential broadband is lower, the price of natural user preference cheap;mobile phone users than people, so i handle the package give you free broadband, since free nature is happy to accept, and with free mobile so other broadband has not been installed.

the last point is the promotion activity is much, as long as you deal with mobile business, could be sent free cable broadband mobile users, free free to send light cat, it is without spending a dime on a mobile broadband.the user will select mobile broadband.

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