guangzhou mobile pushed the new service, a text message instructions to solve harassing phone calls

, a few days ago, the guangdong mobile launched a harassing phone calls to intercept service, such as high-frequency call assault and efforts to upgrade again.for opening the intercept service, all kinds of harassing phone calls will be direct interception, minimize disturbance to the user.

it is understood that the intercept service test a small scale in guangzhou recently, in the case of not start active propaganda, only by word of mouth, between the user has more than 50000 active opening service of mobile users.

at present, guangdong mobile further expanding the pilot range, covering guangzhou, dongguan, zhuhai, zhongshan mobile users.the above four cities and mobile users using the machine send sms commands"11"to 106586111, unlimited phone models, do not need to install the software, can greatly reduce the probability of receiving harassing phone calls.

guangdong mobile launch a free service since 2016, when a user receives such harassing phone calls, the phone automatically pop-up warning, timely help users the second half of this year, guangdong mobile further exploration for harassing phone calls intelligence diverted to voicemail, inbound phone doesn't ring, thus reducing the disturb of the user.

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