taiwan operators discontent: revenue plummeting were swept away by the internet companies to earn money

according to taiwan media reports, on december 28, 2017, taiwan's communications institute"foresight and communications challenge 2018"conference, taiwan five telecoms operator, with planning, discusses the spectrum auction fees, and the base station, issues such as network neutrality, but due to the impact of some online communication such as software, five operator voice income, straight down, at the same time, the high frequency spectrum use is expected to taiwan telecommunications have tumbled in the next two to three years mobile revenue, next year will fall below$200 billion(nt) mark.

taiwan general said that taiwan's 4 g use flow has been dominating the world, but has no revenues grow, can be concluded that in 2018 the overall telecommunication revenue will continue to decline", should be through innovation, thus promote growth, because, taiwan lags behind china has 5~ 10 years."

far eastone general manager, said mobile revenue fell from 2015 to now, the situation will be worse next year.on the network construction, the construction of the base station and equipment maintenance cost is very high, government regulations, loosen, encourage investment and innovation mechanism.

chunghwa telecom, said mobile voice continued to decline the city$10 billion a year in recent years, this situation will change in the next 2~ 3 years, taiwan's 4 g usage by leaps and bounds, but also for the internet of things a turnaround, but online communication ott should be incorporated into regulation, only in this way, the industry has a broader space.

taiwan star believes that the five telecoms company earnings will continue to decline to 2019, the industry should face up to the mobile communication business difficulties, and draw lessons from europe and the united states will use fixed number of year spectrum consists of 15 years to 20 years, and for a long frequency management cost to replace the current charge fee.

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