jingdong phone thanksgiving preferential: critical item to fold

on thursday(nov.23) set for this year's thanksgiving, jingdong mobile channel has launched holiday project:with the confession is the longest, hot style phones as low as 5 fold.until november 24, at the same time, every day at 10:00 limited release 30 yuan and 100 yuan note full cut coupons, there are many popular models at half seconds to kill, to participate in activities:phone here| pc here.

phone preferential promotion, including 12 period interest-free, samsung s7 edge support play glory chang 6 x order made 200 yuan, nubian z17 preferential$300, nokia 7 6 g+64 g version exclusive product sold 2499 yuan...in addition, oppo r11s, htc u11+very black lens, vivo x20, millet mix2, zte blade a3 recent new product are given different discount promotions.

it is worth mentioning that the activity is also set up special old man mobile phone sector, guarding the treasure(zte) in shanghai, philips, newman promotion models such as the lowest 115 yuan, the domestic smartphone 1499 yuan.

millet, huawei, vivo model sell like hot cakes, meizu brand buyers win gifts, including huawei p10 buy or send charging treasure, samsung note8 barbie powder buyers with cleansing instrument, millet 5 x order following from film, more favourable to activity page to understand:your mobile phone here| pc click here

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