jingdong anniversary car products: part of the vehicle traveling data recorder can knock yuan

a few days ago, jingdong mall opened car 5 anniversary event, battery order made 100 yuan, car full 99 yuan to 20 yuan, the full 199-40 yuan.

vehicle data recorder products(part), 360 vehicle traveling data recorder honour enjoy upgrade now costs 359 yuan, order can knock 20 yuan.millet rice vehicle traveling data recorder 349 yuan;papago s36 vehicle traveling data recorder is 399 yuan, order minus 100 yuan.

automotive electronics(part), millet car air purifier(usb car charger)$389 seconds to kill, michelin(michelin) vehicle air compressor 4387 ml 186 yuan.

in addition, during the activity, battery warranty for 18 months, buy battery also send roadside, make an appointment to purchase 12 months free storage battery and so on.

jingdong car article 5 anniversary address:cell phones|pc

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