jade airlines last auction success: boeing aircraft sold nearly one hundred million yuan

this morning air jade finally a boeing 747 aircraft have been successful auction, the auction for more than 98000 people onlookers, after 49 times bidding, buttoned up to 146080320 yuan, so far, the emerald airlines three cargo aircraft have been successfully transfer of ownership.

emerald airline is a company from shenzhen airlines, lufthansa cargo airlines and german investment and development co., ltd., a air freight company formed, due to improper operation to stop operation since 2011.

during the operation, air jade total have three boeing 747-400 airplane, because after many auction, november 20, 2017 jade airlines made the first online auction, and the air motion bought two of the 747 aircraft to extend its aviation fleet.

the auction of the last 747 freight machine parked in shenzhen baoan airport, there are only three engine, if you want to use it again for the repair of the extra should be not a few.

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