haier jingdong super brand: each full reduction yuan

around new year's day, many appliances brand launched a super brand on the jingdong.midnight on december 28th, jingdong super brand, haier officially open, mass product sale at a lower price, and$1000 per 1000 reduction activities, the following look at together.

small make up for some products here:

at zero, haier 10 kg fiji snow park straight drive inverter platen washing machine will not higher than 3999 yuan(or lower) the price of the sale, the current price is 4899 yuan.

haier 630 litres of air cooling frost-free variable frequency energy smart to open the refrigerator present price 8399 yuan, on brand, 6 x99 yuan.

haier mould 4 k card u55h3 55 inch android intelligent led lcd tv set limit to 2399 yuan.

haier of 1.5 changes in temperature variable frequency self-cleaning app intelligent control mute hang up to 2799 yuan price, now the price of 3999 yuan.

in addition to the per 1000 100 yuan, there are the following activities:

buy washing machine hall donated 299 yuan to haier hang ironing machine;

refrigerator at the venue sun for extended warranty;

water heater at the venue 0 yuan installation;

hutch electricity at the venue machine 8 years free warranty.

jingdong super haier brand:phone| pc

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