promote: jingdong big explosion phone kill notebook highest knock yuan yuan seconds

this activity is mainly divided into addiction outfit, jingdong seconds kill god, beijing xi big-name, carnival, fun venue and the venue value item recommendation and so on six parts, each part main preferential information below.

    addiction with god:cool play 3 c straight down 1212 yuan, highest appliances 5 seconds kill, make an appointment the highest province 1000 yuan, fruits, meat, egg milk coupon redemption full 199 minus 60, maternal and infant toys two 8 fold.

    jingdong:kill 00:00 to 22:00 every two hours, a valuable in 12 seconds kill every day, some products limited straight down 1000 yuan.

    beijing xi names:pure silk per 199 100, dali garden self-run flagship store 3 a 7 fold, durex self-run flagship store as low as 6.9 yuan.

    carnival hall:fashion accessories, boutique bags 5 fold a clearance, the good things that occupy the home across the store 3 a 7 fold, quality appliances coupon redemption enjoy 8.5 fold, coldplay 3 c product white interest-free, fresh coupon redemption 199 minus 60.

    fun venue:global purchase digital explosion product as low as 5 fold, jingdong pay 99 yuan, the highest financial hall enterprise procurement computer slow 1000 minus 1000

    item recommendation:playboy long-sleeved t-shirt, 139 yuan, yantai excellent level of fuji 12 gift boxes 69.9 yuan, millet 10000 ma charge 79 yuan treasure...

...>>jingdong recent project activities in<<...

, jingdong digital intelligent life pavilion double preheating 5 fold rob:phone here| pc here.

, jingdong double 12 home appliance preferential direct:phone here| pc here.

sell like hot cakes, jingdong computer office annual list

chinese wisdom, millet made firing again

products province 100, millet and millet note3 mix2 new listing:mobile phone here| pc here.

e-sports equipment, office in the new season

as low as 99 yuan, mobile hard disk desktop for every 1000 yuan:1000 minus phone here| pc here.

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