snow is free of charge: staging mall another christmas gift

on christmas day, if your city under the snow, and so on installment shopping mall can free of charge.this is stage le mall this christmas special benefits for users.

on december 20, 400 new users in mall in stages before every day free of charge zone orders and confirm the delivery of and ultimately, december 25, and if the shipping address city snow, can enjoy free of charge(details can be found at stage le mall app view).stages of such a"free of charge"snow christmas activities, add a lot of lively atmosphere for a cold winter day.

in addition to the above activities, during the period of"double denier"(december 20-december 25;on december 29th-january 1), staging le mall, mobile phones, digital, computer, watches, jewelry and so on more than 10 categories are introduced critical style preferential;during the christmas set limit to, new product category for aggressive promotion;during the activity, daily and hourly special each category will also introduce rob coupons activities.

staging it expects,"double denier"period, the demand of the users in installment buying gifts will soar.therefore, staging le mall opens up the promotion channels, divided into"yourself","to ta","parents"and"friend"four zones.each zone has tens to hundreds of selected goods scroll updates, help have a choice can choose the most appropriate gift to a friend.

according to the heat, the user favorite installment purchase of commodities include:chen liji jujube donkey-hide gelatin cake, elegant of roller encounter thin body beauty instrument, chanel perfume gift combination, burberry neutral camel light blended scarf, etc., basic it is a brand high quality goods.

"a lot of young people are the stage as a new way of consumption."in installment, said an official with the le mall stage tool to help young people more calmly and confidently pursue quality life, was welcomed by more and more users.during double 12 this year, staging le mall gift chocolate, gift box, flowers, figures of channel sales soared, daily average increase of over 50%.

now, not only the installment le mall, credit consumption has become a major electricity standard, such as jingdong mall(white), alibaba(bai), only can spend(only), su ning(wayward purchase), and so on.

the global consulting firm gfk released figures showing that 2017 pairs of 11, choose consumer installment users grew by 76% year on year, participate in the installment of the goods price fell by 348 yuan, shows that consumers for acceptance in further improving consumption stage, stage to further expand the range of goods, consumer stage will be the consumer purchasing power further release the accelerator.

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