installment le mall: dress tide brand to meet sales season sales growth %

autumn winter change garments according to the

a year november, dress will usher in a sales, the online channel is becoming a big shoes clothing brand for internet, especially in the service of young fashionable white-collar crowd staging electric company, is playing a more and more important position.

in installment le mall, according to data since november, the mall, clothing shoes and hats goods on sales rose more than 60% y/y(excluding double 11 large presses), especially the down jacket, winter clothing such as men's and women's boots growth is nearly doubled, its the best sales record this year.

"shoes is the first just to young people online, the positioning and staging le mall customers perfectly."installment le mall controller introduces, although installment shoes&apparels; channel opening time is not long, but it is one of the fastest sales growth category.

to le mall shoes clothes products cover men's wear, men's shoes, women's clothing/shoes, underwear, accessories, has carving, la chapelle, kissing cats, bossini, clothing product tiancheng, semir, ma kehua fe, dickies, lilbetter, a21 hundred popular logo, etc.

public data shows that the electric business income in each big shoes clothing brand sales accounted for almost all on the the first half of 2017, peacebird online sales revenue grew by 46.46% year on year, la chapelle group electric business revenue grew by 44.9% year on year, li ning electric business revenue surged 58% compared to the same...

in particular, with a large number of young white-collar installment kind of electricity customers, but also brands jostle for a new battlefield.

in installment le mall, for example, the user is mainly after 80, 90 young white-collar workers, core users aged 23 years old or so, and their brand consciousness is awakening and forming, cooperating with such installment mall, certainly can obtain a large number of potential customers.

on easy le mall is a best-selling"dickies british fashion retro tooling boots"as an example, this product series of"lovers"best selling, buyers are between 22 and 25 young white-collar workers.according to the average price of 500 yuan/double, plus the interest-free, on a pair of shoes for less than a cup of coffee.the goods from the stable monthly sales increase in more than 50%.

in installment, joy is joy letter quality shopping mall in stages, was established in august 2013, is china the pioneer in installment shopping electric business of june 2017, staging le mall topped 16 million registered users.

at present, the installment le mall has and apple, procter&gamble;, oppo, vivo, l 'oreal, midea, chow tai fook, and many other well-known brands has established the official cooperation, becomes the multitudinous brand behind the jingdong, day cat's third largest internet channel.

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