novice is not overturned friday the 13th hai tao guide

if the last pair of 11 didn't let you enjoy, if you don't have enough tmall carnival is the international norm, then on november 23 to 25 amazon black five cu is sure to meet five before the arrival of black, small make up to you to sort out a face to the sea for the couple's amazon hai tao pit prevention guidelines, the hope can give you explain or remind hai tao that may encounter in the process of operation, to avoid tipping.

a, hai tao to

1, registered a new account, amazon china available micro believe amazon account login to create a new account, in other parts of the amazon will need to use registered mail to create a new's home to remind everybody, personal names in the registration process, in accordance with the chinese word order fill in pinyin can, such as li dog egg, just fill in the"li gou dan", but don't write"gou dan li".after successfully registering new account immediately improve shipping address and payment in the personal information such as personal information, the default address selection after china commodity page automatically according to the goods from the support information such as direct mail to china.

2, credit card, a unionpay card, if is to support the dollar dual-currency, currency credit card is better;if you are shopping in the amazon china, only have alipay and wechat payment can smoothly to buy buy buy.

2, commodity information literacy with the shopping process

amazon china commodity page is chinese, a see understand, so no longer do too much explanation, this mainly in the amazon(united states) as an example, the product details page to do a simple introduction.

google pixel 2 for$782.39, the united states and using the specified credit card can enjoy preferential$50, inventory, 1 does not support direct mail china, sold by flovor but the goods stored in the warehouse the united...

1, the common inventory status

    in stock, inventory sufficient

    only the x left in stock:only x parts inventory

    only x left in stock(more on the way):only x parts inventory(but goods)

    in stock but may require an extra xx daysto process:available but need a day or two distribution(may order the lock price)

    temporarily out of stock, temporarily sold out(not order)

    currently unavailable.we dont know when or if this item will be back in stock:out of stock(order), do not know whether can replenishment

2, whether direct mail china

    this item ships to china:support direct mail china

    this item does not ship to china:does not support direct mail china

direct mail china, namely the foreign sellers shipped directly by courier service to the domestic shipping address, not through any other transit in the middle.

3, proprietary products, the united states and fba commodities and third-party

    meiya proprietary products are completely by amazon sales and after-sale products;

    fba goods namely"fulfilled by amazon"goods, it is to point to by a third party sellers sell, but the goods are stored in the warehouse, the united and the united states is responsible for the distribution and basic after-sale service, the goods as in the united states under the supervision of, relatively more secured;

    third party have been completely by third party sellers sell goods, distribution and responsible for after-sales goods, be careful to distinguish the seller before placing this commodity credit situation, some big brands to open stores, of course, you can rest assured.

4, order

choose good product specification and quantity and then click the"add to cart"to add goods to cart, then according to the prompt to confirm the order information and payment, when there is a"place your order"button can be formal order, after click can wait for receiving.

behind commodity prices above$6.99 import feeds deposit for advance payment of duties, meiya charge prepay tariff for"retreat more fill less", prepay the spare part will be returned to the user pay tariff orders, credit card, the refund period one to two months;if less prepay tariff, users need payment beyond part. mail order supplemental information

if it is the first time united direct mail order, or change the order after direct mail receiving address, the user may be in the united states receive an email with the required supplementary information logistics company after delivery, for cargo order to avoid delay customs clearance the goods, the user need according to the requirements as soon as possible after receipt of the e-mail click on the"submit information submitted information"email supplementary information.

3, transshipment

for goods cannot direct mail china, need to adopt the way of transshipment sent back home, it's need to transfer the company's services.generally speaking, the forwarder will provide the user with a warehouse address in the united states, the user will this address fill in the shipping address can order for the united states and asia.usually transport companies in the united states may have two or three warehouse, had better choose a free state warehouse to fill.

the support line of transport companies in the united states mainly include transport:china, kelp, square, etc., including transshipment registered in china need to invite code, other company can register directly, with overseas online shopping needs of the user registration ahead of one of the best two transport companies, for a rainy day.

users can through transport:company product model and product lines to get the corresponding warehouse address information, copy and paste it to the united states of receiving the order with the address bar, waiting for the united states.united will give the user a waybill number after shipment.users need to fill the awb with transport company package forecast, forwarder will be the first time after receive the parcel according to user requirements for transit operation, and at the same time inform the user of the cost of the parcel back home.will pay for the user, the transport company to arrange delivery.

4, customs clearance way description

due to the overseas purchase goods package should be inspected by the customs and pay taxes, so the forwarder will provide different mode of customs clearance for the user to select, in summary, there are mainly the following several ways:

1, postal clearance mode

channels are usually go by ems, the customs sampling pass goods, according to the category of different tax rates are divided into 15%, 30%, 60%, three concrete are available at the general administration of customs(official announcement), there are 50 yuan of amount shall be exempted, or purchases tax amount within 50 yuan can be regarded as no taxes, but need to pay in full if tax more than 50 yuan.

2, express customs clearance mode

the customs clearance, one of the mainstream way of tax and tax rate the same as the postal customs clearance mode, the difference is to provide the recipient id information and the information of the goods to the customs, customs clearance and after package can choose any domestic express company for delivery.

3 subsidies, tariffs mode

added upgrade express customs clearance mode, namely in the express customs clearance mode, on the basis of the transport company to undertake the tax on clearance may be produced.

4, electric shangqing mode

is also called the bonded area customs clearance mode, is the country's most encouraging way of customs clearance, is mainly refers to the cross-border electricity from 12 countries currently approved pilot cities of bonded area customs clearance and issue, tax rates are 11.9% and 11.9% two kinds, single package shipments within the limit of 2000 yuan, 20000 yuan per receipt degrees are restricted.

5, since the hong kong model

this is suitable for the recent plan from hong kong or have friends or relatives in hong kong users, because hong kong has no tariffs, so the goods sent to hong kong don't need to pay tax, transfer fee is relatively cheap.

the last need to say, a spicy taste has also selected a batch of good goods, tao sea breaks are big, welcome everybody to choose.

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