double tmall official hot style list out coupon redemption lapse is not routine

12 promote the upcoming year-end double, currently tmall official list of 12, 12 hot style, annual inventory, goods hot style, finally a feast in 2017, myriad benefits, shopping allowance per full 300-30, highest activity direct:click here to go to(the new password, rmb 4 wst081wozp rmb, cell phone taobao can view).

explodes the list of product related to men's, women's clothing, shoes, accessories, global good goods, from mother to child, digital home appliances, beauty makeup protecting, sports, food, home decoration, underwear and other outdoor, category is complete, all double 12 specials, and release limited coupons.

1212 days cat detonation section listing direct:click here to go to,(new password, rmb 4 wst081wozp rmb, cell phone taobao can view)

taobao 2017 pairs 12 breakout entry list:

, the main venue, the highest 1212 yuan taobao double 12 red envelopes(3 times a day, click here to open a red envelope)

, digital appliances, high-quality goods handset| digital optimal product quality home appliances|| hardware electronic

dress shoe categories-fashion women's clothing, men's clothing|| tide of popular women's shoes| quality men's shoes collocation|| underwear campaign outdoor

accessories, beauty makeup classes-beauty makeup a armor accessories|| jewelry fashion bags

, the life that occupy the home class-life department| food featured|| pet flowers home textile home|| home outfit design furniture lamp

, cultural, educational and entertainment-culture and education instrument business office|| secondary yuan wall

, maternal and infant toys-maternal and child supplies| children's toys

, hot, hot commodity prices, more sales promotion preferential access to hot product(

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