black friday is favorable to: amazon microsoft apple tmall jingdong

, amazon china:click here to go to the

overseas purchase the us and the uk's global synchronization, cross-border free mail, global brand as low as three pieces of 4 fold, unionpay pay full 150 minus 20 yuan, highest pay treasure to reduce 1288 yuan, highest brought god coupon highest 1200 yuan.

all global goods, all goods related to the official directly, can get 30 yuan to 300 yuan with coupons, part of the goods as low as fifty percent.

microsoft us:click here to go to the

surface pro kit can save up to$329, win10 notebook down up to$500, the xbox one s suit start at$189, xbox game pass services as low as$1,$150 samsung s8 straight down, alcatel idol 4 s state province$301...

, jingdong global purchase:phone here| pc click here

can get full 388 minus 388 proprietary god coupon and shops across the full 188 100 stamps, infant food as low as 55.9 yuan, beauty makeup class 2 pieces of 5 fold, part of the appliance could save 1000 yuan.

, netease koala sea purchase:click here to go to the

can get black five package set limit to 888 yuan, the world big minimum 3 fold, minus the meeting full full 199 120 yuan, highest milk powder diapers as low as 76 yuan, infants and young children jumpsuits$59, apple iphone x for 8288 yuan.

apple, america's official website:click here to direct

buyers give gift cards, worth up to$150, activity only for a day.

, macy's day cat overseas flagship store, click here to go to the

all minimum 1 fold, can get 50 yuan to 400 yuan with coupons, limited critical article 9.9 seconds kill 10 pm every day, promotional merchandise package bag tax.

, overseas online shopping novice rollover prevention guidelines:click here to read the

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