age baby taobao issued across the dirty bag medlar keep-warm glass fingertips gyro was selected

if is an oscar in 2017, the"best photography"must belong to taobao, i'm afraid.act in an opera in plays, in 2017, taobao recorded the story of too much, also cure millions of people.this year, in the face of"the five-star hotel in sheet"shocked, taobao"every dirty sleeping bags"travel by second artifact, destroy all insecurity;this year, when the"big cat"into a new era of religion, taobao answer made 10000 kinds of rolled cat artifacts, very rich imagination;this year, lu han deer"rice"secure"first make track for a star"after 90 days, annual"call"consumption is as high as 300 million, call a person refuses to accept no.

bring on taobao search"2017", watch the complete taobao age baby

to solve social problems, cure the individual, taobao is a universal mind backer, even late into the night 12 pm to 4 pm, seek to cure"party"in the middle of the night can be as high as 80 million.some people joke that"in this world, there is no cure of heart and does not open the taobao just".year, taobao official reference product ideas, topics, factors such as user feedback, sales, service coverage, selected 40"taobao 2017 times baby", allow yourself to be more than 500 million consumers in taobao read, also see the changes of the times.

disappointing the five-star hotel, on taobao find security

in september, evaluating agency released the five-star hotel, why don't you change the sheets, triggering crowd, luxury hotel one by one down the altar.what should travel to do?overnight, taobao various armed"artifact"response.among them, the most popular is"every dirty sleeping bags", clinch a deal within a few days up to 20"the hotel don't change the sheets"events, all kinds of imaginative"artifact"hotel cluster in taobao are"folding to 9.5 cm thickness"portable electric kettle, one-time bath set, disposable closestool mat, toilet disinfectant spray and so on.

bring taobao time away dirty baby sleeping bags, chinese wolfberry keep-warm glass

in 2017, after 90's"mid-life crisis"even earlier than imagined."after the first group of 90 already bald","after the first group of 90 in insomnia","has become"after the first group of 90...seems that no one could hide too life, but now it is up to doesn't, even announced that the united nations was born before 1992 are"middle age".face care, after the 90 special"buddha nature"that hold up chinese wolfberry keep-warm glass, hair fiber powder, hand-written heart sutra and other goods, sales of nearly half of taobao.after 90, they say,"punk, keeping in good health, hot blisters medlar, fault cultivate immortality balance..."

taobao mood seeder, buy"forgive package"to forgive ta

help save predecessor, supervise and urge homework, sell good night, save the emotions a fire had a studio, and only"studio"emotional late can finish order 8000+all the year round, so he should be the words,"do not leave since ancient times, only routine popular", not by some external force, how can i take your heart.

2017 could be the year of the"greenest"of entertainment, white best what star o., memory and lu han taobao, eat the melon crowd"make things"spirit is numerous and play.there is"white best before any with suspenders"search all night up 800 times, after the"memory with suitcases"to"modesty"friends grass planting a high price.who who who to who wrong, green, is not important, netizens said, anyway,"of course choose to forgive is important that on taobao hold"love beans"death is the productive forces.

bring baby offline exhibition 2017 taobao era,"forgive package"into the annual loss of goods most

this year, exo"deer"rice is a model, not only won title of"90 after the first make track for a star day group", together with the red lamp of antlers, silly roe deer, with annual"buy buy"of up to 300 million yuan.but in the face of the"exo xiaotong guan"explosive bomb, see the deer"rice"side of the big stage said no longer believe in love, while a proud jiao said"of course choose to forgive him.not, by the green sprite, green arrow chewing gum, such as the matcha ice cream of"forgive package"on taobao fire from the beginning of the year to the end, a big winner throughout the year.

when taobao in evolution, when the era of"baby"record time

with the commodity in response to hot issues, this is a great invention of, the meaning of taobao has beyond the simple"buy buy buying or selling selling"category, but with more connotation of taobao, people not only in the consumer goods, also in the present life of creativity, and insight into the world of human nature.when taobao in evolution, when times baby record times.therefore,"forgive package"is fans love bean relief and jokes,"every dirty sleeping bags"heal the heart lost sense of security, while"medlar vacuum cup"through the black talked about"mid-life crisis".

at the beginning of this year's anti-corruption big drama"in the name of the people's"continued to hit, the municipal party committee secretary li dakang a european-style prolapse double-fold eyelid, temperament blunt and forthright and sincere, with his pursuit to gdp, has become the new flow.da kang shuji fire with fire he never leave the water bottle of hand in the play, has become the first cargo area on the taobao male god.

small cup can burst so huge imagination?originally, standing behind of kang shuji, a huge number of people's expectation and imagination, as if the distance between you and da kang shuji, is only a glass!as if to kang shuji is politically correct, and he is water consumption indicator!therefore, taobao has certainly become such a platform between imagination and consumption power.

in 2017,"shovel excrement officer"filmed nearly hundred million yuan"cat artifacts","lu cat gloves"sold 250000 pieces a year;740000"pretend"chasing"ins props, props marble table cloth is red a refined, sophisticated life network, the first more and more such niche demand grow unchecked on taobao, taobao not only inspire people the longing for life, and inspire more wisdom of crowds.

alibaba group ceo zhang yongceng said,"the past is good what users like, taobao will give what they provide, but the future taobao to help users find demand, so as to adapt to changes brought by the consumer upgrades, bring about changes in lifestyle."from meet demand to find demand, let consumer to"niche"taobao is accelerating, find themselves increasingly diverse a result, a"taobao"evolution is vibrant evolution-in the end, every era"taobao baby"will become an important footnote records every year.

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