tmall released double tenth record: send express orders with only a week!

your double tenth up an express?at least in the day the cat up to see most people already here.

this afternoon, the day the cat has released the day rookie to 3 million cats, courier, partners, businesses and consumers thank-you note", the day the cat said,"a day in a total of 812 million logistics order, but it only took a week just basic distribution is completed, it is close to china's full-year 2006 express packages.

so many packages, return rate how many?tmall said, double tenth day of the order goods return rate is only 6.1%, less than one third of the developed countries, this seems tmall double tenth twenty days before a preheating is successful, the user also after deliberation before purchase goods.

tmall at the last also thanked the global more than 300 courier and partners, tmall said,"has become a business above, geographical and cultural differences of carnival in the world.

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