second open ark take delivery: courier to pay treasure to small programs to do these things

smart courier ark as"the last kilometer"of community logistics, has now spread all over the city communities, the user picks up the phone"scan"she take leave?actually otherwise, the operation simple and yards behind also has more ecological exploration"ark"side.intelligent express ark express easily through alipay small procedures, through the online life, access to the small program for a month, the average daily line scan code pick-up by more than 100%.

to the cabinet new gameplay:flicking a take delivery get red envelopes

in addition, considering the many users have generation delivery requirement, this small program also increased the binding function of mobile phone number, family bound for your mobile phone number, also can be used to pay treasure flicking a second open express ark, at the same time, the user himself will receive has to take notice.according to the courier to statistics, at present small program through paying treasure to receive the parcel number daily average of about 30000.

bring courier easy small program interface

in express delivery of yi, a senior operations manager liu xinyi view, pay treasure to the small program is characterized by light weight, short operation link, is suitable for the offline"linger"scenario, in contrast, life is more suitable for the user and precipitation, marketing combination, to continuously improve service efficiency and quality.he said, after a small application offline scene connection and online operating life, express delivery of yi has on alipay has accumulated over millions of users.

how to mobilize the activity of these users?courier will be small program, life, combined with the recent fire red envelopes to make money, the user through life,"courier yi community assistant"menu to enter"alipay-every day brought a red envelope"small programs, to receive preferential red envelopes for offline consumption.

as we have learned, pay treasure to red envelope for businesses to make money, users receive a red envelope, on line after the success of the consumer, businesses can obtain corresponding liu xinyi point of view, this red envelope to express easily and the user of the service can be gained.from the middle of december, access to this feature, every day there are nearly 5000 users by express delivery of small programs, life, get a red envelope.

logistics terminal to explore:a small program or series connection has the"ark"ecological

intelligent express ark is a big cake, according to the information industry network published the 2015-2020 china since container market special research and development trend of the research report, predicts 2018, since the container market demand in china will reach 947000 sets, scale capacity is expected to reach more than$300.courier to the latest data also showed that it had covered 79 cities, with 81000 groups of intelligent express ark, service 70 million person-time, cumulative parcel deliveries in 1.3 billion.

express ark brand in offline quickly with the layout of competition has gradually transferred to the service efficiency and quality.liu xinyi that express the ark itself up courier work efficiency, and small procedures, the application of life, and improve the user, courier will speed up courier mobile terminal operation, its pay treasure life in the future, will also be in the stack"send express"function, to provide more services for the user.

although intelligent express tank in a growing industry, but with the accompanying is outside of its profit model."the ark of the delivery of the future is not just the cabinet, after get through online, it will precipitate users, cash, as close to the user of the product at the same time, it should also be connected community surrounding ecology".

and pay treasure to small program or provides such a scene, ecological connection bridge, in addition to get through life, it can also be combined with paying treasure to the wisdom of the existing community solutions, perhaps the future sweep out by courier service ark, can also touch implementation of community property service.for intelligent express ark, if you can be an entrance to the community, connect more business model, so its market value will be multiplied.

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