japan: arcade second carry pswin system for the yen

japan is arcade powers over the years, industry has been thriving, and arcade form a system does not meet the demand of a variety of game, so, the japanese businessman has produced a series of new arcade, and although is arcade form, but with a different system.

the above series of carrying the windows 7 system, such as they are also equipped with the ps3 system arcade, allows players to experience the pc in the form of arcade and the various work of steam.

windows 7 core arcade or a normal pc chassis, using special equipment joined the coin mechanism, in addition with usb keyboard into rocker operation.some of these models also support touch screen operation.coupled with the speaker and led decorative light, a"new system"arcade was born.

configuration, better windows 7 version of the arcade adopted core i5 3550 s 3 ghz processor, 4 gb of memory, 500 gb hard drive, with 1080 p lcd screen.of course this configuration is not high, but playing arcade works will be enough.

the ps3 version is also in the same way, the ps3 into arcade, also can use handle operation.

according to the arcade website page, the price of the arcade(after discount), depending on the functional and games, ranging from 20000 yen to 130000 yen, namely 1100 yuan to 1100 yuan.

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