legal channels xboxone tencent exclusive d body feeling endless sword

, the body feels the game because of the blow out of body experience, has been praised by players chase high, and the xbox one equipped with the device of sensor will body feeling game developed to get incisively and vividly.recently, tencent games and epic are actively developing new motion-sensing game-3 d body feeling version"the sword of the endless, and plans to choose the xbox one legal channels version as its first landing platform, become the xbox one legal channels version of monopoly game.the game will be fully used the xbox one of cutting-edge technology, especially the excellent device sensors, for players to bring a new generation of gaming and entertainment experience.

2014 tencent carnival game in today(the tgc) field, there have been many xbox one and the sword of the endless fans coming, in the endless the sword of the tgc area first to experience this new the scene of many demo fans have said, 3 d body feeling version of"the sword of the endless demo effect is stunning, players no longer just rely on the fingertips, but transfer cells limbs and body, find themselves the game plot, through to the sword and magic age, right hand holding a sword, like a warrior left hand hold the shield, god king decisive battle with the enemy.

bring fans gathered the sword of the endless the tgc exhibition, rushed to the xbox one early experience this oneness masterpiece

this compelling carefree experience, in addition to the sword of the endless original rich plot, colorful scene, distinctive character set, and so on, the xbox one of the advanced science and technology innovation, can too, make the carefree experience double upgrade quickly, especially the 1080 p high qing device sensors speech, action is sensitive to double recognition, for players to thoroughly get rid of the bondage of the traditional keyboard and handle, using the method of body feeling immersive feeling of the new generation of gaming and entertainment experience.

bring about with the aid of the xbox one device of the sensor, the player can operation through the body of the sword of the endless

for this"is coming to the xbox body feeling game, one of the new microsoft xbox division's general manager xie enwei and players just as expected and said:"tencent will become the xbox game one kingdom version of one of the most important game developers, we are glad to cooperate with tencent, the wonderful game and entertainment experience to the players.

this cooperation, the xbox one advanced science and technology innovation will inject new blood for the sword of the endless, for players to create a new 3 d body feeling the same time, microsoft team is also provide professional solution for tencent game, boost research and development the sword of the is looking forward to the future with tencent game in-depth cooperation, fully combined with both advantages and resources, to bring more wonderful game and entertainment experience."

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