house prices will fall?the robot for eight hours can build a house

if the artificial building is both time-consuming and laborious.some housing construction contractors for housing construction engineering automation.

a company called"passivdom"ukraine's new building startups used a 3 d printing machine, the robot can print parts for mini housing construction.this machine can be in about eight hours, print out including walls, roof, and a total of 410 square feet of floor model and building structure.and then by the workers of artificial add windows, doors, piping and electrical systems.

when completed, the use of automation technology of building are portable, meaning that they do not need to connect the external power and pipeline system, achieve energy is stored in the battery, connected to the house from the humidity in the air and water were collected after filter out(or you can pour the water into the house in the circulatory system).these houses are independent sewerage system.

since its inception in the spring of 2017, the company has received more than 8000 pre-orders in the united states, starting at about$64000 for each order.the first batch of 100 homes will be delivered in january 2018.

the company's designer maria solow told the business insider, the company's building model size is 410 square feet, price range from$64000 to$97000.

and covers an area of 755 square feet of house price at$97000 to$147000.this is in the front door you can see the appearance of the house.there is a big open space, the layout of the inside including a small kitchen and a few picture window.

this house doesn't cover separate bedrooms, that is, the owner of the future need to buy a sleeper sofa in the living room.there is a small bathroom near the kitchen.passivdom company also can according to customer request custom house model.high-end housing model will include furniture, kitchen, bathroom, engineering system, energy supply, water and sewer systems as a whole.

passive mode can also make customized model.these houses also provides a self-sufficient(no need to government allocation of resources).with 3 d printing technology of the construction of the building can be provided to people away from street noise, with nature, with trees, rivers, the life chances of communion."we should have the opportunity to live in the nature of far away from the street."in order to build a passivdom type of family, the team in the factory is located in ukraine and california have made a plan to development of 3 d printing robot.the robot can print out the roof and floor layers and 20 cm thick walls, and these walls by carbon fiber, polyurethane, resin, basalt fiber and glass fiber.

and then, again by manual workers with doors, windows, household appliances, alarm system, solar panels and sewage treatment, electric power, medicine, and the cooling system.according to different door model, the process may need to 24 hours.when design and produce a bigger house, because of the greater amount of specifications and workmanship, and to be more detailed, such as the house we see below, this may take a month's time.if the house is prefabricated, it can be in the second day of shipment to the customer.

passivdom isn't the only using 3 d printing robot to build your house.including real estate startup based in san francisco, apis cor, amsterdam's dus architects and branch from chattanooga, tennessee technology building and the like, the company said using 3 d printing robot technology, they can in a short span of a few days or weeks out of the building.

the startup that 3 d printing is a cheaper and more efficient way of building, and can let houses sold at relative can be consumer can bear the price."today, nearly 100 million people have no roof houses," said."so, we build more affordable housing is necessary."

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